End of Year Cornwall Birding Quiz 2017

1) Why would you be unlikely to see a Pinguinus impennis in Cornwall?

2) Which small wading bird can sometimes be encountered in small groups on the stone quays of Cornish fishing villages?

3) In the children’s nursery song, what is an ‘alouette’?

4) Which small bird commonly builds a spherical nest of mosses and feathers?

5) What colour are a Jackdaws eyes?

6) What rare bird in Cornwall was a new bird for the county bird list this year?

7) What is a Nath?

8) Which is the commoner in Cornwall in recent years – Dusky Warbler or Radde’s Warbler?

9) Which seabird, formerly a non-breeder in the south west, can now be found around the coast in small numbers in many suitable spots?

10) Which species of bird bred in Cornwall for the first time this year?

11) Name a major adaption reducing weight in birds thus allowing flight.

12) Which rare bird in Cornwall unexpectedly turned up on a beach earlier this year?

13) What is a Popa also known as?

14) Name the four skua species to be found in Cornish waters.

15) What is a Scilly Parrot?

16) Who wrote ‘Birds of the Cornish Coast’ amongst other titles on the county’s avifauna back in the 1960’s?

17) Which is further west, Pendeen or Porthgwarra?

18) What are two distinguishing features of Wilson’s Petrel?

19) What bird is Fratercula arctica more commonly known as?

20) Name an upland bird species which formerly bred in the county.

21) What is the Cornwall Bird Atlas, and where can it be found?

22) Which species on the British List was first found at Stithians Reservoir on the 22nd June 1988?

23) Where do Puffins generally spend the winter?

24) What bird is Puffinus puffinus commonly known as?

25) What is a Chaffinch’s latin name?

26) What is the big draw to Cornwall in late summer for birdwatchers/twitchers?

28) In what year was the CBWPS founded?

29) Which small passerine has been brought back from the brink as a breeding bird in Cornwall and Devon by the RSPB and partners?

30) When might your knowledge of armpits stand you in good stead?

31) What is a nictating membrane?

32) Which American vagrant should always be reported to the BTO’s online bird recording program if you come across one?

33) What colour are a House Sparrows legs?

34) What bird was the especial focus of Seawatch South West?

35) Name 2 species of passerine which seem to be having an exceptional autumn in Cornwall this year.

36) Where, when and who would you be if you saw a lesserlegs?

37) What will the next new bird to be encountered for the Cornish List be? 😉


What am I? –

38) Mostly grey, I like water and nesting in colonies.

39) A bright primary colour forms part of my name, I like nestboxes where provided.

40) A Cornwall rarity, I like berries and car parks.

41) My wings make a distinctive sound when I fly, and I can be found in small winter groups.

42) I’m fairly featureless, some would say boring even.


Bird Anagrams (again all regular species) –

43) Deeper Worn Gecko

44) Secret Fir

45) Best Lard Track

46) Hiking Serf


Have Fun, and Good Luck!!



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