January 1st 2018 Cornwall Bird Race/Green Challenge

New Year’s Day Bird Race/Green Challenge – mostly intended as harmless fun, to get folk out birding, get the yearlist started and see who can see the most birds on Jan 1st. We have 3 categories to keep it reasonably fair, and as inclusive as possible –

a) – Green, from home (multiple sites allowed, no driving at all)
b) – Patch, but driven to (1 site only)
c) – All/multiple site Cornwall – motorised.

We are hoping that the majority of entries will be of the form of non-motorised (green) or local patch. This is to promote local birding, reduce excess carbon consumption and hopefully turn up some good bird records. Obviously not everyone lives on the doorstep of a major nature reserve or wilderness area, so it is as much about a competition with yourself as others – to see how many species you can see! An hour or so spent walking to the local park and seeing what’s in the garden has as much relevance to this as a full-blown 24 hour intense bird-fest (the latter will probably get you more species though … )

‘Green’ birding is the way forward, see the Patchwork Challenge blog for more details.

Keeping track of your list – one good way is to enter lists on Bubo listing . You will need to sign in to start creating lists. (Go to ‘Create lists’ then choose or type in ‘Cornwall Mainland’ for location and choose ‘Year List’ ‘2018’, then you can start entering your records.) One nice function on bubo is the ‘target’ function whereby you can see which species have been encountered by others, as well as seeing their lists and a cumulative total list.

Complete lists should also be entered to Birdtrack, the BTO UK bird-recording scheme, although there are issues with sharing and seeing others’ information on the day, hence the suggestion of listing on bubo above.

Depending on popularity we can do similar, or more organized, bird races later in the spring too.


Fairly simple; all birds seen or heard in the County of Cornwall between 00:01 and 23:59 on the 1st January count, excepting escapes and exotics. Other rules may be made up at the time (eg if it looks like someone else may win perhaps).

Open to all, CBWPS members or not.

If you can register your intent to take part by emailing ‘webmaster@cbwps.org.uk‘ I can get a table sorted to list entries. Required information: Name, Type (a, b or c), Location(s) (for green, patch, or hometown if doing a motorised list) and we can then enter species totals when done. Or you can just contact on the day when you tell us your total and highlights.

Kudos to those who do well, or even just take part, but no prizes this time. I’m sure it will be competitive though …

Good birding and good luck.

Table now added, weather forecast looking a lot better than it was, less than 12 hours to go now …

Name Type LocationSpecies TotalBirdtrack
Dan Chaneya) Green, non-motorisedFalmouth & College Res77Dipper, Goosander
Tony Millsa)Newlyn41
Ian McCarthya)
Mike Bishopa)St Buryan51Chiffchaff, Redwing
Andy & Trish Blondena)Polbathic Creek35Kingfisher in garden
Carol Hughesa)Ruan Lanihorne43YStarlings at Tregenna
J & B Teaguea)Higher Crackington, garden+28Blackcap, Goldcrest, Redwing, Tawny Owl (h)
Dave Parkera)Penzance - home22Gannet
Phil McVeya)Red Moor35YCattle Egret, Dipper
Tony Blunden & Warren Claydonb) Local Patch, car usedLizard Point60YCaspian Gull, Richards Pipit
Warren Chegwiddenc) Motorised, CountyCarrharrack- Truro-Penzance48Grey Plover, Mistle Thrush
Bob Bosistoc)Newquay and Camel area90Cattle Egret, Hawfinch, Otter
Phil Taylor & Hilary Mitchellc)West Penwith incl Hayle83 Yellowhammer, Nuthatch



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