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Tony Langford has a number of wildlife books for sale. If you are interested please contact him direct: or 01209 215918 (Now with reductions 13/11/17)

The Atlas of Wintering Birds in Britain and Ireland by Peter Lack. 1986 1st edition. 1st print. Excellent condition.  Like new.                                                                 £21.00 £15:00

There and Back? A Celebration of  Bird Migration.  Edited by Andy Brown and Michael Warren. 2011.  Excellent condition. Like new. Part of the collectible Wildlife Art Series. Superb Illustrations by a range of artists.                                                   £45.00

Bird Habitats in Britain by R J Fuller. 1982 1st edition.Illustrations by Donald Watson. Excellent condition. Like new .                                                     £15.00 £12:00

Collins Guide Birds of Russia by Algirdas Knystautas. 1993.Signed by the author. Torn dust cover. Otherwise good condition. Forward: Sir Peter Scott.                       £15.00 £12:00

Shorebirds: An identification guide to the waders of the World by Peter Hayman, John Marchant and Tony Prater 1988 reprint.  As new.                                      £15.00

 Flamingos by Malcolm & Carol Ogilvie 1986. Very good Condition.          £12.00 £9:00

The Common Tern by Rob Hume. Hamblyn Species Guides. Softback. Good condition.                                                                                                     £7.00 £5:00

The Kestrel by Michael Shrub. Hamblyn Species Guides.  Very good condition.   £10.00 £7:00

The Seabirds of Britain and Ireland by Stanley Cramp, W.R.P Bourne and David Saunders. 1975 1st reprint. Good condition.                                                               £5.00

The Bird-Watchers Guide to the WETLANDS OF BRITAIN by Malcolm Ogilvie. 1979. Good condition.                                                                                                   £3.00

Birds of Islay by Richard E Elliot. 1989. Very good condition.                    £7.00



Steve Madge has a number of wildlife books for sale as shown below. If you are interested please contact him directly at

Boyer and Burton 1986    Vanishing Eagles     £8.00
Brazil 2003                       Whooper Swan        £8.00
Coombes 1978                   The Crows             £8.00
Grant       1982                    Gulls;a guide to idenification  £6.00
Hayman and Hume   2001    Birdlife of Britain and Europe £ 7.00
Hunt 1985                             Memoirs of a Scilly Bird Man £5.00
Norman and Tucker 1984      Where to Watch birds in Devon and Cornwall £4.00
Oddie                       1983     Gone Birding                                                     £3.00
Tubbs                                   The Buzzard                                                         £5.00
                         Collins New Naturalist Series
Berry and Johnston 1980      Natural History of  Shetland -excellent condition 1st edition   £50
Brown                      1976     British  Birds of Prey                                                                £14
Ford                        1946      Butterflies                              -good condition    1st edition      £40
Pollard                    1974       Hedges                                  -excellent  condition  1st edition £35
Mellanby                 1967       Pesticides and pollution        -very good condition  1st edition £35
Summers- Smith      1963       House Sparrow                       -good condition-1st edition         £30

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