Peregrine Falco peregrinus

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Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2013

SS20 - Bude ((Present in breeding season)) SS21 - Kilkhampton ((Present in breeding season)) SW32 - Land's End ((Confirmed breeding)) SW33 - St Just ((Confirmed breeding)) SW42 - Newlyn ((Confirmed breeding)) SW43 - Penzance ((Probable breeding)) SW52 - Praa sands ((Confirmed breeding)) SW53 - Hayle ((Possible breeding)) SW61 - The Lizard ((Confirmed breeding)) SW62 - Helston ((Possible breeding)) SW63 - Crowan () SW64 - Camborne ((Confirmed breeding)) SW71 - Cadwith ((Present in breeding season)) SW72 - Helford ((Present in breeding season)) SW73 - Penryn ((Possible breeding)) SW74 - Redruth () SW75 - Perranporth ((Confirmed breeding)) SW83 - Falmouth ((Confirmed breeding)) SW84 - Truro ((Confirmed breeding)) SW85 - Carland Cross ((Present in breeding season)) SW86 - Newquay ((Confirmed breeding)) SW87 - Trevose Head ((Confirmed breeding)) SW94 - Grampound ((Present in breeding season)) SW95 - Indian Queens () SW96 - St Columb Major ((Possible breeding)) SW97 - Wadebridge ((Possible breeding)) SX04 - Mevagissey ((Confirmed breeding)) SX05 - St Austell ((Probable breeding)) SX06 - Bodmin ((Confirmed breeding)) SX07 - Helland ((Present in breeding season)) SX08 - Tintagel ((Confirmed breeding)) SX15 - Fowey ((Present in breeding season)) SX16 - Lostwithiel ((Present in breeding season)) SX17 - Collyford Lake ((Possible breeding)) SX18 - Camelford ((Possible breeding)) SX19 - Marshgate ((Possible breeding)) SX25 - Looe ((Present in breeding season)) SX26 - Liskeard () SX27 - Bodmin Moor - east ((Present in breeding season)) SX28 - Lewannick () SX29 - Week St Mary () SX35 - St Germans ((Present in breeding season)) SX36 - Callington () SX37 - Stoke Climsland () SX38 - Launceston ((Probable breeding)) SX39 - Boyton () SX45 - Saltash ((Possible breeding)) SX46 - Calstock ()


Map explanation

This map shows the breeding distribution recorded using the possible / probable / confirmed breeding categories as described in the Breeding season aims. The additional Present category denotes tetrads where species abundance was noted but no breeding code allocated. It generally equates to Possible Breeding (code A1) for widespread resident species but almost certainly includes non breeding individuals for some summer visitors and passage migrants.

Tetrad counts