Woodpigeon Columba palumbus

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SS10Q - sea area SS10V - Wanson (Possible breeding) SS10W - Widemouth Sands (Present in breeding season) SS10X - Phillip's Point SS10Y - Wrangle Point SS10Z - Menachurch Point SS11V - Steeple Point SS11W - Lower Sharpnose Point SS11X - Higher Sharpnose Point SS11Y - Yeol Mouth SS11Z - sea area SS20A - Coppathorne (Present in breeding season) SS20F - Langford Barton (Possible breeding) SS20K - Budd's Titson (Possible breeding) SS20Q - Bevills Hill (Present in breeding season) SS20V - Strawberry Bank [Devon] SS20B - Widemouth Bay (Present in breeding season) SS20G - Marhamchurch (Possible breeding) SS20L - Hobbacott (Present in breeding season) SS20R - Jewell's Cross (Present in breeding season) SS20C - Bude (south) (Present in breeding season) SS20H - Grove Park (Possible breeding) SS20M - Launcells Barton (Possible breeding) SS20S - Red Post (Possible breeding) SS20X - Tamarstone [Devon] SS20D - Bude (north) (Present in breeding season) SS20I - Stratton (Present in breeding season) SS20N - Hersham (Present in breeding season) SS20T - Grimscott (Present in breeding season) SS20Y - Burmsdon SS20E - Northcott (Present in breeding season) SS20J - Crockwood farm (Present in breeding season) SS20P - Norton Barton (Possible breeding) SS20U - Lopthorne Farm (Possible breeding) SS20Z - Moreton Mill (Possible breeding) SS21A - Coombe (Present in breeding season) SS21F - Stibb (Present in breeding season) SS21K - Kilkhampton (Possible breeding) SS21Q - Forda (Possible breeding) SS21V - Thurdon (Present in breeding season) SS21B - Woodford (Possible breeding) SS21G - Lee Barton (Possible breeding) SS21L - Stursdon (Possible breeding) SS21R - Broxwater (Possible breeding) SS21W - Upper Tamar Lake (Present in breeding season) SS21C - Morwenstow (Possible breeding) SS21H - Shop (Possible breeding) SS21M - Crimp (Possible breeding) SS21S - Werst Youlstone (Possible breeding) SS21X - Trentworthy Farm [Devon] SS21D - Marland Manor (Possible breeding) SS21I - Gooseham (Possible breeding) SS21N - Wooley (Possible breeding) SS21T - Wooley Wood (Possible breeding) SS30A - Woodlands Tumulus (Present in breeding season) SW32Q - Gwennap Head (Probable breeding) SW32V - Horrace (Present in breeding season) SW32L - Nanjizal (Possible breeding) SW32R - Polgigga (Probable breeding) SW32W - Porthcurno (Probable breeding) SW32H - Kettle's Bottom SW32M - Land's End (Probable breeding) SW32S - Skewjack Farm (Confirmed breeding) SW32X - Crean (Confirmed breeding) SW32N - Sennen Cove (Possible breeding) SW32T - Carn Towan (Possible breeding) SW32Y - Crows-an-wra (Possible breeding) SW32P - Aire Point (Present in breeding season) SW32U - Nanquidno (Probable breeding) SW32Z - Bartinney Downs (Possible breeding) SW33F -  SW33K - Cape Cornwall (Present in breeding season) SW33Q - St Just (Confirmed breeding) SW33V - Jericho Farm (Possible breeding) SW33L -  (Possible breeding) SW33R - Botallack (Probable breeding) SW33W - Wheal Bal Hill (Present in breeding season) SW33S - Pendeen (Present in breeding season) SW33X - Bojewyan (Probable breeding) SW33T -  SW33Y - Greeb Point (Present in breeding season) SW42B - Penberth (Confirmed breeding) SW42G - Boskenna (Probable breeding) SW42L - Lamorna Cove (Probable breeding) SW42C - St Buryan (Present in breeding season) SW42H - Tregadgwith (Possible breeding) SW42M - Castallack (Confirmed breeding) SW42S - Penzer Point (Probable breeding) SW42D - Higher Leah Farm (Possible breeding) SW42I - Catchall (Confirmed breeding) SW42N - Kerris (Possible breeding) SW42T - Mousehole (Confirmed breeding) SW42E - Brane (Confirmed breeding) SW42J - Drift Reservoir (Probable breeding) SW42P - Tredavoe (Confirmed breeding) SW42U - Newlyn (Present in breeding season) SW43A - Derval Farm (Probable breeding) SW43F - Newbridge (Possible breeding) SW43K - Madron (Possible breeding) SW43Q - Penzance (Probable breeding) SW43V - Longrock (Probable breeding) SW43B - Great Bosullow (Possible breeding) SW43G - Boswarra (Possible breeding) SW43L - Trythall (Probable breeding) SW43R - Trezelah (Possible breeding) SW43W - Badger's Cross (Possible breeding) SW43C - Trevowhan (Possible breeding) SW43H - Nine Maidens (Possible breeding) SW43M - Boskednan (Probable breeding) SW43S - Carnaquidden Downs (Possible breeding) SW43X - Naneledra (Possible breeding) SW43D - Bosigran Castle SW43I - Porthmeor (Probable breeding) SW43N - Higher Kerrowe (Probable breeding) SW43T - Amalveor Downs (Possible breeding) SW43Y - Amalebra (Possible breeding) SW43J - Gurnard's Head SW43P - Zennor (Possible breeding) SW43U - Wicca (Probable breeding) SW43Z - Rosewall Hill (Probable breeding) SW44Q - Treveal (Probable breeding) SW44V - Trevalgan SW52N - Cudden Point (Present in breeding season) SW52T - Hoe Point (Present in breeding season) SW52Y - Trewavas Head (Probable breeding) SW52E - St Michael's Mount (Probable breeding) SW52J - Trenow Cove (Probable breeding) SW52P - Rosudgeon (Present in breeding season) SW52U - Kenneggy Downs (Possible breeding) SW52Z - Germoe (Probable breeding) SW53A - Marazion (Probable breeding) SW53F - Goldsithney (Possible breeding) SW53K - Higher Downs (Probable breeding) SW53Q - Millpool (Probable breeding) SW53V - Godolphin Hill (Probable breeding) SW53B - Crowlas (Possible breeding) SW53G - Truthwall (Possible breeding) SW53L - Penberthy Cross (Probable breeding) SW53R - Trannack (Possible breeding) SW53W - Townshend (Probable breeding) SW53C - Ninnes Bridge (Possible breeding) SW53H - Canonstown (Possible breeding) SW53M - St Erth (Possible breeding) SW53S - St Erth Praze (Possible breeding) SW53X - Deveral (Possible breeding) SW53D - Brunnion (Probable breeding) SW53I - Mount Douglas (Possible breeding) SW53N - Hayle (Possible breeding) SW53T - Copperhouse (Probable breeding) SW53Y - Gwinear (Probable breeding) SW53E - Halestown (Probable breeding) SW53J - Carbis Bay (Possible breeding) SW53P - The Towans (Probable breeding) SW53U - Phillack (Probable breeding) SW53Z - Connor Downs (Possible breeding) SW54A - St Ives (Possible breeding) SW54F - St Ives Island SW54Q - Peter's Point (Possible breeding) SW54V - Gwithian (Probable breeding) SW54R - Godrevy Island SW54W - Godrevy (Possible breeding) SW61V - Lizard Point (Present in breeding season) SW61R - Kynance Cliff SW61W - Holestrowe (Possible breeding) SW61S - Vellan Head (Present in breeding season) SW61X - Windmill Farm (Possible breeding) SW61N - Predannack Head SW61T - Mullion Cove (Possible breeding) SW61Y - Predannack Airfield (Possible breeding) SW61U - Mullion (Possible breeding) SW61Z - Meaver (Possible breeding) SW62K - Green Rock (Present in breeding season) SW62Q - Sowanna Farm (Possible breeding) SW62V - White Cross (Possible breeding) SW62L - Gunwalloe (Possible breeding) SW62R - Burnow (Probable breeding) SW62W - Nantithet (Present in breeding season) SW62C -  SW62H - Porthleven (Probable breeding) SW62M - The Loe (Probable breeding) SW62S - Culdrose Airfield (Probable breeding) SW62X - Rosevear (Possible breeding) SW62D - Trewithick (Probable breeding) SW62I - Treza (Probable breeding) SW62N - Helston - west (Probable breeding) SW62T - Helston - east (Probable breeding) SW62Y - Boskenwyn Downs (Confirmed breeding) SW62E - Ashton (Possible breeding) SW62J - Sithney (Probable breeding) SW62P - Sithney Green (Probable breeding) SW62U - Helston - north (Probable breeding) SW62Z - Trewennack (Probable breeding) SW63A - Godolphin Cross (Confirmed breeding) SW63F - Crowntown (Present in breeding season) SW63K - Prospidnick (Possible breeding) SW63Q - Boscadjack (Present in breeding season) SW63V - Trenear (Present in breeding season) SW63B - Trenwheal (Probable breeding) SW63G - Crenver (Confirmed breeding) SW63L - Nancegollan (Possible breeding) SW63R - Releath (Present in breeding season) SW63W - Porkellis (Present in breeding season) SW63C - Leedstown (Probable breeding) SW63H - Clowance Wood (Probable breeding) SW63M - Crowan (Probable breeding) SW63S - Bolitho (Present in breeding season) SW63X - Tolcarne Wartha (Possible breeding) SW63D - Carnhell Green (Possible breeding) SW63I - Halgarrack Farm (Confirmed breeding) SW63N - Carwynnen (Possible breeding) SW63T - Croft Mitchell (Probable breeding) SW63Y - Polgear (Probable breeding) SW63E - Roseworthy (Possible breeding) SW63J - Barripper (Probable breeding) SW63P - Camborne - south (Confirmed breeding) SW63U - Troon (Present in breeding season) SW63Z - Four Lanes (Possible breeding) SW64A - Nancemellin (Possible breeding) SW64F - Kehelland (Probable breeding) SW64K - Camborne - north (Confirmed breeding) SW64Q - Pool (Present in breeding season) SW64V - Church Town (Probable breeding) SW64B - Carlean (Probable breeding) SW64G - Coombe (Possible breeding) SW64L - South Tehidy (Probable breeding) SW64R - Park Bottom (Confirmed breeding) SW64W - Tolgus Mount (Present in breeding season) SW64H - Basset's Cove SW64M - Gull Rock (Possible breeding) SW64S - Portreath (Confirmed breeding) SW64X - Cambrose (Possible breeding) SW64N -  SW64T - Nancekuke Common (Possible breeding) SW64Y - Porthtowan (Possible breeding) SW64Z - Chapel Porth (Probable breeding) SW65V - St Agnes Head (Present in breeding season) SW71A - Bumble Rock (Present in breeding season) SW71B - Lizard Village (Possible breeding) SW71G - Carn Barrow SW71C - St Ruan (Possible breeding) SW71H - Cadgwith (Possible breeding) SW71S - Pedn Boar SW71D - Ruan Major (Probable breeding) SW71I - Kuggar (Probable breeding) SW71N - Ponsongath (Probable breeding) SW71T - Black Head (Possible breeding) SW71Y - Chynhalls Point SW71E - Trenoan (Possible breeding) SW71J - Goonhilly Downs (Possible breeding) SW71P - Trelan (Possible breeding) SW71U - Crousa Downs (Probable breeding) SW71Z - Coverack (Possible breeding) SW72A - Tregaddra (Probable breeding) SW72F - Goonhilly Earth Station (Present in breeding season) SW72K - Rosuick (Probable breeding) SW72Q - Lanarth (Possible breeding) SW72V - St Keverne (Possible breeding) SW72B - Garras (Probable breeding) SW72G - St Martin (Present in breeding season) SW72L - Newtown-in-St Martin (Probable breeding) SW72R - Tregowris (Probable breeding) SW72W - Porthallow (Probable breeding) SW72C - Mawgan (Probable breeding) SW72H - Bishop's Quay (Probable breeding) SW72M - Frenchman's Pill (Possible breeding) SW72S - Manaccan (Confirmed breeding) SW72X - Gillan (Present in breeding season) SW72D - Gweek (Probable breeding) SW72I - Polpenwith (Confirmed breeding) SW72N - Helford River (Confirmed breeding) SW72T - Helford Passage (Confirmed breeding) SW72Y - Rosemullion Head (Probable breeding) SW72E - Boswidjack (Possible breeding) SW72J - Constantine (Confirmed breeding) SW72P - High Cross (Confirmed breeding) SW72U - Mawnan Smith (Possible breeding) SW72Z - Maenporth (Possible breeding) SW73A - Seworgan (Probable breeding) SW73F - Carvedras (Probable breeding) SW73K - Helland House (Possible breeding) SW73Q - Lamanva (Probable breeding) SW73V - Falmouth - south (Possible breeding) SW73B - Viscar (Probable breeding) SW73G - Butteriss Downs (Probable breeding) SW73L - Halvosso (Probable breeding) SW73R - College Reservoir (Confirmed breeding) SW73W - Falmouth - west (Possible breeding) SW73C - Carnkie (Confirmed breeding) SW73H - Tregolls (Probable breeding) SW73M - Longdowns (Possible breeding) SW73S - Penryn - west (Possible breeding) SW73X - Penryn - east (Possible breeding) SW73D - Stithian's Reservoir (Probable breeding) SW73I - Stithians (Probable breeding) SW73N - Ponsanooth (Possible breeding) SW73T - Burnthouse (Present in breeding season) SW73Y - Stockdale (Possible breeding) SW73E - Lanner (Possible breeding) SW73J - Treviskey (Probable breeding) SW73P - Tresamble (Possible breeding) SW73U - Perranwell (Possible breeding) SW73Z - Devoran (Probable breeding) SW74A - Redruth - south (Possible breeding) SW74F - Carharrack (Possible breeding) SW74K - United Downs (Possible breeding) SW74Q - Hick's Mill (Confirmed breeding) SW74V - Carnon Downs (Confirmed breeding) SW74B - Redruth - north (Present in breeding season) SW74G - St Day (Present in breeding season) SW74L - Goon Gumpas (Possible breeding) SW74R - Baldhu (Possible breeding) SW74W - Penweathers (Possible breeding) SW74C - Wheal Rose (Possible breeding) SW74H - Wheal Busy (Possible breeding) SW74M - Chacewater (Possible breeding) SW74S - Green Bottom (Possible breeding) SW74X - Threemilestone (Possible breeding) SW74D - Mount Hawke (Possible breeding) SW74I - Skinner's Bottom (Possible breeding) SW74N - Three Burrows (Present in breeding season) SW74T - Silver Valley (Possible breeding) SW74Y - Roseworthy (Possible breeding) SW74E - Towan Cross (Possible breeding) SW74J - Goonbell (Present in breeding season) SW74P - Coldharbour (Possible breeding) SW74U - Callestick Vean (Present in breeding season) SW74Z - Allet (Possible breeding) SW75A - St Agnes - west (Possible breeding) SW75F - St Agnes - east (Possible breeding) SW75K - Blowinghouse (Probable breeding) SW75Q - Penhallow (Confirmed breeding) SW75V - Chyverton House (Probable breeding) SW75B - Bawden Rocks SW75G - Cligga Head SW75L - Perrancombe (Possible breeding) SW75R - Cocks (Possible breeding) SW75W - Goonhaven (Possible breeding) SW75M - Perranporth (Possible breeding) SW75S - Gear Sands (Present in breeding season) SW75X - Hendra Croft (Possible breeding) SW75N - Perran Bay SW75T - Penhale Sands (Present in breeding season) SW75Y - Cubert (Possible breeding) SW75P - Penhale Point SW75U - Holywell (Present in breeding season) SW75Z - Tresean (Probable breeding) SW76Q - Kelsey Head (Possible breeding) SW76V - Crantock (Probable breeding) SW76W - Towan Head SW81E - Lowland Point SW82A - Manacle Point (Possible breeding) SW82B - Trenance (Probable breeding) SW82C - Nare Point SW83A - Swanpool (Possible breeding) SW83F - Pendennis Point (Possible breeding) SW83K - Zone Point (Possible breeding) SW83Q - Porthmellin Head SW83B - Falmouth - east (Possible breeding) SW83G - Carrick Roads - south (Possible breeding) SW83L - St Mawes (Probable breeding) SW83R - Porth Farm (Possible breeding) SW83C - Mylor Creek (Confirmed breeding) SW83H - Mylor Churchtown (Probable breeding) SW83M - St Just-in-Roseland (Possible breeding) SW83S - Portscatho (Possible breeding) SW83X - Pednvadan SW83D - Mylor Bridge (Possible breeding) SW83I - Carrick Roads - north SW83N - Carwethen (Present in breeding season) SW83T - Trewithian SW83Y - Curgurrell (Possible breeding) SW83E - Chycoose (Confirmed breeding) SW83J - Feock (Possible breeding) SW83P - King Harry Ferry (Present in breeding season) SW83U - Philleigh (Confirmed breeding) SW83Z - Treworlas (Confirmed breeding) SW84A - Playing Place (Possible breeding) SW84F - Cowlands (Possible breeding) SW84K - Old Kea (Present in breeding season) SW84Q - Nancarrow (Possible breeding) SW84V - Treworga (Confirmed breeding) SW84B - Kea (Present in breeding season) SW84G - Truro River (Possible breeding) SW84L - Malpas (Possible breeding) SW84R - Merther Lane (Possible breeding) SW84W - Ruan Lanihorne (Present in breeding season) SW84C - Truro - west (Confirmed breeding) SW84H - Truro (Confirmed breeding) SW84M - Menadew's Farm (Probable breeding) SW84S - Merther (Possible breeding) SW84X - Great Trewirgie (Present in breeding season) SW84D - Short Lanes End (Possible breeding) SW84I - Idless (Present in breeding season) SW84N - Polsue Manor Farm (Present in breeding season) SW84T - Tresillian (Possible breeding) SW84Y - Probus (Possible breeding) SW84E - Ninnis (Possible breeding) SW84J - St Clement Woods (Possible breeding) SW84P - St Erme (Present in breeding season) SW84U - Levardo (Present in breeding season) SW84Z - Cuskayne Farm (Present in breeding season) SW85A - Zelah (Possible breeding) SW85F - St Allen (Probable breeding) SW85K - Trispen (Probable breeding) SW85Q - Hay Farm (Probable breeding) SW85V - Ladock (Confirmed breeding) SW85B - Sixty Acres Farm (Possible breeding) SW85G - Ennis Farm (Confirmed breeding) SW85L - Trewaters Farm (Probable breeding) SW85R - Trelassick House (Confirmed breeding) SW85W - Trendeal (Possible breeding) SW85C - Treludderow Manor (Confirmed breeding) SW85H - Penhallow Moor (Possible breeding) SW85M - Carland Cross (Probable breeding) SW85S - Mitchell (Possible breeding) SW85X - Chapel Town (Confirmed breeding) SW85D - Rejerrah (Possible breeding) SW85I - St Newlyn East (Confirmed breeding) SW85N - Degembris (Possible breeding) SW85T - Gummow's Shop (Possible breeding) SW85Y - Summercourt (Possible breeding) SW85E - Rosecliston Park (Possible breeding) SW85J - Gwillis (Confirmed breeding) SW85P - Kestle Mill (Possible breeding) SW85U - Tregonning (Possible breeding) SW85Z - White Cross (Confirmed breeding) SW86A - Newquay - west (Possible breeding) SW86F - Newquay - east (Possible breeding) SW86K - Quintrell Downs (Confirmed breeding) SW86Q - Colan (Possible breeding) SW86V - Trebudannon (Probable breeding) SW86B - Newquay Bay SW86G - Newquay - north (Possible breeding) SW86L - St Columb Minor (Probable breeding) SW86R - Porth Reservoir (Probable breeding) SW86W - Tregaswith (Possible breeding) SW86H - Watergate Bay SW86M - Tregurrian (Possible breeding) SW86S - Newquay Airport (Confirmed breeding) SW86X - Higher Tolcarne (Possible breeding) SW86N - Trenance (Possible breeding) SW86T - Retorrick Mill (Present in breeding season) SW86Y - Lower Denzell (Possible breeding) SW86P - Tregonna (Possible breeding) SW86U - Downhill (Possible breeding) SW86Z - St Eval (Possible breeding) SW87F - Cow and Calf SW87K - Porthcothan (Possible breeding) SW87Q - Treburrick (Possible breeding) SW87V - Rumford (Possible breeding) SW87L - Minnows Island (Possible breeding) SW87R - Trehembourne (Possible breeding) SW87W - St Merryn (Possible breeding) SW87M - Constantine Bay (Possible breeding) SW87S - Harlyn (Confirmed breeding) SW87X - Trevone (Possible breeding) SW87N - Trevose Head (Present in breeding season) SW87T - Cataclews Point SW87Y - Gunver Head (Present in breeding season) SW87U - Gulland Rock SW93D - Nare Head (Present in breeding season) SW93I - Rosen Cliff SW93E - Veryan (Confirmed breeding) SW93J - Porthloe (Probable breeding) SW93P - Hartriza Point SW93Z - High Point SW94A - Tregisswyn (Confirmed breeding) SW94F - Tretheake Manor (Probable breeding) SW94K - West Portholland (Probable breeding) SW94Q - East Portholland (Probable breeding) SW94V - Boswinger (Probable breeding) SW94B - Tretheway Farm (Probable breeding) SW94G - Hay Barton Farm (Confirmed breeding) SW94L - Tubbs Mill (Probable breeding) SW94R - Trevennen Farm (Probable breeding) SW94W - Gorran High Lanes (Present in breeding season) SW94C - Killow Farm (Present in breeding season) SW94H - Tregony (Present in breeding season) SW94M - Barwick (Probable breeding) SW94S - Polmassick (Present in breeding season) SW94X - Kestle (Probable breeding) SW94D - Trewithen (Probable breeding) SW94I - Creed (Present in breeding season) SW94N - Gargus Farm (Confirmed breeding) SW94T - St Ewe (Probable breeding) SW94Y - Heligan (Probable breeding) SW94E - Trenithan Bennett (Possible breeding) SW94J - Grampound (Possible breeding) SW94P - Penans (Probable breeding) SW94U - Hewas Water (Confirmed breeding) SW94Z - Chy (Probable breeding) SW95A - Grampound Road (Possible breeding) SW95F - Carwinnick (Possible breeding) SW95K - Coombe (Probable breeding) SW95Q - Sticker (Possible breeding) SW95V - Polgooth (Confirmed breeding) SW95B - Lower Hewas (Confirmed breeding) SW95G - Terras (Possible breeding) SW95L - St Stephen (Possible breeding) SW95R - Lanjeth (Present in breeding season) SW95W - Trewoon (Possible breeding) SW95C - Menna (Possible breeding) SW95H - Melbur (Possible breeding) SW95M - Goonabarn (Confirmed breeding) SW95S - Foxhole (Possible breeding) SW95X - Goonamarth Farm (Possible breeding) SW95D - Kingsley Village (Probable breeding) SW95I - Trerice Manor Farm (Confirmed breeding) SW95N - St Dennis (Present in breeding season) SW95T - Nanpean (Possible breeding) SW95Y - Hensbarrow Downs (Possible breeding) SW95E - Indian Queens (Confirmed breeding) SW95J - Toldish (Present in breeding season) SW95P - Goss Moor (Probable breeding) SW95U - Gothers (Present in breeding season) SW95Z - Coldvreath (Present in breeding season) SW96A - Black Cross (Probable breeding) SW96F - Ruthvoes (Probable breeding) SW96K - Royalton (Possible breeding) SW96Q - Tregoss Moor (Possible breeding) SW96V - Roche (Possible breeding) SW96B - St Columb Major (Possible breeding) SW96G - Tregatillian (Confirmed breeding) SW96L - Tregonetha Downs (Possible breeding) SW96R - Demelza (Possible breeding) SW96W - Mount Pleasant (Possible breeding) SW96C - Talskiddy (Probable breeding) SW96H - Tregamere (Probable breeding) SW96M - Pengelly (Probable breeding) SW96S - St Wenn (Possible breeding) SW96X - Withiel (Possible breeding) SW96D - Pennatillie (Possible breeding) SW96I - Winnard's Perch (Possible breeding) SW96N - Rosenannon Downs (Possible breeding) SW96T - Trewollack Plantation (Possible breeding) SW96Y - Higher Tregawne Farm (Confirmed breeding) SW96E - Bogee Farm (Probable breeding) SW96J - Cannalidgey (Possible breeding) SW96P - St Jidery (Probable breeding) SW96U - St Breock Downs (Possible breeding) SW96Z - Hustyns Wood (Possible breeding) SW97A - Little Petherick (Confirmed breeding) SW97F - St Issey (Confirmed breeding) SW97K - Trevear Farm (Possible breeding) SW97Q - Hay (Confirmed breeding) SW97V - Wadebridge - south (Present in breeding season) SW97B - Tregonna (Possible breeding) SW97G - Tregonce (Confirmed breeding) SW97L - Bodellick (Probable breeding) SW97R - Tregunna (Present in breeding season) SW97W - Wadebridge (Present in breeding season) SW97C - Padstow (Possible breeding) SW97H - Porthilly (Possible breeding) SW97M - Cant Farm (Confirmed breeding) SW97S - Dinham (Confirmed breeding) SW97X - Chaple Amble (Probable breeding) SW97D - Crugmeer (Probable breeding) SW97I - Trebetherick (Present in breeding season) SW97N - Rock (Confirmed breeding) SW97T - St Minver (Confirmed breeding) SW97Y - Trevine (Possible breeding) SW97E - Stepper Point (Possible breeding) SW97J - Polzeath (Possible breeding) SW97P - Trenant (Possible breeding) SW97U - Plain Street (Present in breeding season) SW97Z - Trelights (Probable breeding) SW98A - Newland SW98F - Rumps Point (Possible breeding) SW98K - Port Quin Bay (Present in breeding season) SW98Q - Port Quin (Possible breeding) SW98V - Port Issac (Confirmed breeding) SX03E - Dodman Point SX04A - Gorran Haven (Confirmed breeding) SX04B - Gorran Churchtown (Probable breeding) SX04G - Chapel Point (Present in breeding season) SX04C - Mevagissey (Probable breeding) SX04H - Penare Point SX04D - Pentewan (Probable breeding) SX04I - Pentewan Beach SX04N - Black Head SX04E - Levalsa Meor (Probable breeding) SX04J - Trenarren (Confirmed breeding) SX04P - Black Head SX04Z - Gribbin Head SX05A - London Apprentice (Confirmed breeding) SX05F - Duporth (Probable breeding) SX05K - Landrion Point (Confirmed breeding) SX05V - Menabilly Barton (Probable breeding) SX05B - St Austell (Confirmed breeding) SX05G - Boscoppa (Confirmed breeding) SX05L - Carlyon Bay (Probable breeding) SX05R - Par (Probable breeding) SX05W - Par Sands (Probable breeding) SX05C - Ruddlemoor (Probable breeding) SX05H - Trethurgy (Probable breeding) SX05M - Bodelva (Probable breeding) SX05S - St Blazey (Probable breeding) SX05X - Tywardreath (Confirmed breeding) SX05D - Stenalees (Probable breeding) SX05I - Penwithick (Probable breeding) SX05N - Treskilling (Probable breeding) SX05T - Ponts Mill (Probable breeding) SX05Y - Penpillick (Probable breeding) SX05E - Bugle (Possible breeding) SX05J - Bowling Green (Possible breeding) SX05P - Luxulyan (Possible breeding) SX05U - Lanlivery (Probable breeding) SX05Z - Pelyn (Probable breeding) SX06A - Criggan (Possible breeding) SX06F - Lockengate (Probable breeding) SX06K - Corgee (Probable breeding) SX06Q - Red Moor (Probable breeding) SX06V - Sweetshouse (Possible breeding) SX06B - Mount Pleasant (Possible breeding) SX06G - Innis Downs (Possible breeding) SX06L - Trebell Green (Probable breeding) SX06R - Treffry (Possible breeding) SX06W - Lanhydrock House (Possible breeding) SX06C - Tremore (Probable breeding) SX06H - Lanivet (Probable breeding) SX06M - Treningle (Confirmed breeding) SX06S - Tregullon (Possible breeding) SX06X - Carminow Cross (Possible breeding) SX06D - Ruthernbridge (Probable breeding) SX06I - Nanstallon (Confirmed breeding) SX06N - Bodmin (Possible breeding) SX06T - Bodmin (Possible breeding) SX06Y - Cooksland (Confirmed breeding) SX06E - Polbrock (Possible breeding) SX06J - Washaway (Confirmed breeding) SX06P - Dunmere Wood (Possible breeding) SX06U - Clerkenwater (Probable breeding) SX06Z - Racecourse Downs (Present in breeding season) SX07A - sladesbridge (Probable breeding) SX07F - Pencarrow (Possible breeding) SX07K - Colquite (Possible breeding) SX07Q - Helland (Possible breeding) SX07V - Lower Kernick (Present in breeding season) SX07B - Egloshayle (Possible breeding) SX07G - St Mabyn (Possible breeding) SX07L - St Mabyn (Possible breeding) SX07R - Longstone (Possible breeding) SX07W - Merry Meeting (Confirmed breeding) SX07C - Tregordon (Confirmed breeding) SX07H - St Kew Highway (Possible breeding) SX07M - Cross Hill (Possible breeding) SX07S - Tregooden (Possible breeding) SX07X - Wenfordbridge (Possible breeding) SX07D - Trewethern (Probable breeding) SX07I - St Kew (Probable breeding) SX07N - Trewen Farm (Probable breeding) SX07T - St Tudy (Possible breeding) SX07Y - St Breward (Possible breeding) SX07E - Poltreworgey Farm (Confirmed breeding) SX07J - Pendoggett (Present in breeding season) SX07P - Trelill (Probable breeding) SX07U - Treveighan (Possible breeding) SX07Z - Michaelstow (Possible breeding) SX08A - Port Gaverne (Possible breeding) SX08F - Ranie Point (Possible breeding) SX08K - Dinnabroad (Confirmed breeding) SX08Q - St Teath (Confirmed breeding) SX08V - Helstone (Possible breeding) SX08G - Jacket's Point SX08L - Westdowns (Possible breeding) SX08R - Pengelly (Probable breeding) SX08W - Lanteglos (Possible breeding) SX08H - Tregardock Beach SX08M - Treligga (Confirmed breeding) SX08S - Delabole (Present in breeding season) SX08X - Higher Trethern Farm SX08I - Gull Rock SX08N - Trebarwith Strand (Probable breeding) SX08T - Trewarmett (Possible breeding) SX08Y - Penpethy (Possible breeding) SX08P - Tintagel (Probable breeding) SX08U - Bossiney (Possible breeding) SX08Z - St Nectan's Kieve (Present in breeding season) SX09Q - Firebeacon Hill (Possible breeding) SX09V - Boscastle (Possible breeding) SX14E - Cannis SX15A - Readymoney (Present in breeding season) SX15F - Fowey - south (Present in breeding season) SX15K - Pencarrow Head (Present in breeding season) SX15Q - Lansallos (Present in breeding season) SX15V - Landgreek (Present in breeding season) SX15B - Newtown (Present in breeding season) SX15G - Fowey - north (Present in breeding season) SX15L - Pont (Present in breeding season) SX15R - Trenewan (Present in breeding season) SX15W - Great Tratford (Present in breeding season) SX15C - Torfrey (Present in breeding season) SX15H - Golant (Possible breeding) SX15M - Penpoll (Probable breeding) SX15S - Trefrawl (Present in breeding season) SX15X - Lancare Farm (Present in breeding season) SX15D - Milltown (Probable breeding) SX15I - Great Wood (Probable breeding) SX15N - Lerryn (Probable breeding) SX15T - Trevollard (Present in breeding season) SX15Y - Lanreath (Present in breeding season) SX15E - Lostwithiel -south (Probable breeding) SX15J - Beacon Hill (Probable breeding) SX15P - Couch's Mill (Possible breeding) SX15U - Bocaddon (Present in breeding season) SX15Z - Bury Down (Present in breeding season) SX16A - Lostwithiel - north (Possible breeding) SX16F - Druids Hill (Possible breeding) SX16K - Boconnoc (Possible breeding) SX16Q - Roselyon (Probable breeding) SX16V - Trevillis Wood (Present in breeding season) SX16B - Bofarnel (Possible breeding) SX16G - Fairey Cross (Confirmed breeding) SX16L - West Taphouse (Present in breeding season) SX16R - Middle Taphouse (Probable breeding) SX16W - East Taphouse (Present in breeding season) SX16C - Bodmin Parkway (Possible breeding) SX16H - Cabilla Wood (Confirmed breeding) SX16M - Hall Downs (Possible breeding) SX16S - Drawbridge (Possible breeding) SX16X - Doublebois (Possible breeding) SX16D - Long Downs (Possible breeding) SX16I - Tawna Downs (Possible breeding) SX16N - Mount (Possible breeding) SX16T - Tredinnick (Possible breeding) SX16Y - St Neot (Possible breeding) SX16E - Cardinham Downs (Possible breeding) SX16J - Cardinham (Possible breeding) SX16P - Warleggan (Possible breeding) SX16U - Pantersbridge (Present in breeding season) SX16Z - Mutton's Downs (Probable breeding) SX17A - Higher Carblake (Present in breeding season) SX17F - Cardinham Moor (Present in breeding season) SX17K - Warleggan Down (Probable breeding) SX17Q - Colliford Lake - south (Present in breeding season) SX17V - Whitebarrow Downs (Possible breeding) SX17B - Waterloo (Possible breeding) SX17G - Trehudreth Downs (Present in breeding season) SX17L - Blacktor Downs (Possible breeding) SX17R - Colliford Lake (Present in breeding season) SX17W - Brown Gelly (Present in breeding season) SX17C - Bradford (Present in breeding season) SX17H - Manor Common (Possible breeding) SX17M - Hawkstor Downs (Possible breeding) SX17S - Sprey Moor (Possible breeding) SX17X - Dozmary Pool (Present in breeding season) SX17D - Lady Down SX17I - Emblance Downs (Possible breeding) SX17N - Butterstor Downs (Possible breeding) SX17T - Priddacombe Downs (Possible breeding) SX17Y - Bolventor (Possible breeding) SX17E - Treswallock Downs (Confirmed breeding) SX17J - Dinnever Hill (Present in breeding season) SX17P - Garrow Downs (Probable breeding) SX17U - Codda Tor (Present in breeding season) SX17Z - Hendra Downs (Possible breeding) SX18A - Tresinney (Confirmed breeding) SX18F - Highertown (Probable breeding) SX18K - Roughtor (Present in breeding season) SX18Q - High Moor SX18V - West Moor SX18B - Camelford (Confirmed breeding) SX18G - Roughtor Farm (Possible breeding) SX18L - Crowdy Reservoir (Confirmed breeding) SX18R - New Park Farm (Confirmed breeding) SX18W - Bray Down (Possible breeding) SX18C - Slaughterbridge (Possible breeding) SX18H - Collan's Cross (Possible breeding) SX18M - Davidstow Airfield (Confirmed breeding) SX18S - Trevivian (Possible breeding) SX18X - Ta Mill (Confirmed breeding) SX18D - Trekeek (Present in breeding season) SX18I - Hendraburnick SX18N - Trewassa (Probable breeding) SX18T - Tremail (Probable breeding) SX18Y - Wisley Down (Probable breeding) SX18E - Tredorn Farm (Possible breeding) SX18J - Tregrylls (Possible breeding) SX18P - Otterham Station (Possible breeding) SX18U - Hallgarden (Probable breeding) SX18Z - Treskellow (Possible breeding) SX19A - Treworld (Probable breeding) SX19F - Lesnewth (Probable breeding) SX19K - Marshgate (Possible breeding) SX19Q - Caroe (Possible breeding) SX19V - Trelash (Possible breeding) SX19B - Beeny (Confirmed breeding) SX19G - Ringford Farm SX19L - Tresparrett Posts (Confirmed breeding) SX19R - Collamoor Head (Present in breeding season) SX19W - Trengune (Possible breeding) SX19H - Pengold (Possible breeding) SX19M - Sweets (Present in breeding season) SX19S - Rosecare (Present in breeding season) SX19X - Jacobstow (Possible breeding) SX19I - Cambeak (Probable breeding) SX19N - Crackington Haven (Present in breeding season) SX19T - Coxford SX19Y - Trewint (Possible breeding) SX19P - Chipman Strand SX19U - Dissard (Possible breeding) SX19Z - Millook (Possible breeding) SX25A - Polperro (Present in breeding season) SX25F - Talland Bay (Possible breeding) SX25K - Looe Island (Possible breeding) SX25Q - The Ranneys SX25B - West Watergate (Possible breeding) SX25G - Tencreek (Present in breeding season) SX25L - Looe (Possible breeding) SX25R - Millendreath Beach (Possible breeding) SX25C - Pelynt (Possible breeding) SX25H - Milcombe (Possible breeding) SX25M - Trenant Park (Possible breeding) SX25S - Millendreath (Confirmed breeding) SX25X - Penhale Farm (Possible breeding) SX25D - Trefanny Hill (Possible breeding) SX25I - Muchlarnic (Possible breeding) SX25N - Sandplace (Possible breeding) SX25T - Morval (Possible breeding) SX25Y - Trelowia (Possible breeding) SX25E - Churchbridge (Possible breeding) SX25J - Duloe (Possible breeding) SX25P - Causeland (Possible breeding) SX25U - Polgover (Possible breeding) SX25Z - Widegates (Possible breeding) SX26A - Herodsfoot (Present in breeding season) SX26F - St Keyne (Present in breeding season) SX26K - Lametton Mill (Present in breeding season) SX26Q - Horningtops (Present in breeding season) SX26V - Menheniot Station (Present in breeding season) SX26B - Trevelmond (Present in breeding season) SX26G - Coombe (Present in breeding season) SX26L - Lodge Hill (Present in breeding season) SX26R - Roseland (Present in breeding season) SX26W - Menheniot (Present in breeding season) SX26C - Dobwalls (Probable breeding) SX26H - Moorswater (Confirmed breeding) SX26M - Liskeard (Present in breeding season) SX26S - Hendrabridge (Present in breeding season) SX26X - Pengover Green (Present in breeding season) SX26D - Killatown (Possible breeding) SX26I - Great Fursnewth (Possible breeding) SX26N - Treworgey Manor (Possible breeding) SX26T - Trengrove Farm (Probable breeding) SX26Y - Penhawger Farm (Present in breeding season) SX26E - Draynes (Possible breeding) SX26J - Trekeivesteps (Possible breeding) SX26P - St Cleer (Present in breeding season) SX26U - Crow's Nest (Probable breeding) SX26Z - Pensilva (Present in breeding season) SX27A - Draynes Common (Probable breeding) SX27F - Siblyback Lake (Probable breeding) SX27K - Craddock Moor (Possible breeding) SX27Q - Minions (Probable breeding) SX27V - Caradon Town (Present in breeding season) SX27B - Higher Langdon (Possible breeding) SX27G - Siblyback (Present in breeding season) SX27L - Cheesewring (Possible breeding) SX27R - Henwood (Possible breeding) SX27W - Rilla Mill (Probable breeding) SX27C - Trezibbett (Probable breeding) SX27H - Smallacombe Downs (Present in breeding season) SX27M - Twelve Men's Moor (Present in breeding season) SX27S - Middlewood (Possible breeding) SX27X - Bathpool (Present in breeding season) SX27D - East Moor (Possible breeding) SX27I - Carey Tor (Probable breeding) SX27N - North Bowda (Probable breeding) SX27T - North Hill (Possible breeding) SX27Y - Coad's Green (Confirmed breeding) SX27E - Halvana Plantation (Possible breeding) SX27J - Tregune (Probable breeding) SX27P - Trekernell (Probable breeding) SX27U - Trenhorne (Probable breeding) SX27Z - Trewinnow Cross (Probable breeding) SX28A - South Carne (Confirmed breeding) SX28F - Altarnun (Probable breeding) SX28K - Plusha (Present in breeding season) SX28Q - Lewannick (Probable breeding) SX28V - Botathan (Present in breeding season) SX28B - Trecollas Farm (Possible breeding) SX28G - Laneast (Possible breeding) SX28L - Trewen (Confirmed breeding) SX28R - Holyway Cross (Present in breeding season) SX28W - Tregadillett (Present in breeding season) SX28C - St Clether (Confirmed breeding) SX28H - Downhead (Possible breeding) SX28M - Westdownend (Present in breeding season) SX28S - Piper's Pool (Present in breeding season) SX28X - Higher Trevallett Farm (Probable breeding) SX28D - Cold Northcott (Possible breeding) SX28I - Badgall  (Present in breeding season) SX28N - Tregeare (Possible breeding) SX28T - Egloskerry (Possible breeding) SX28Y - Hellescott Bridge (Possible breeding) SX28E - Nether Scarsick SX28J - Tremaine (Possible breeding) SX28P - Treburtle (Possible breeding) SX28U - North Petherwin (Possible breeding) SX28Z - Otter Sanctuary (Possible breeding) SX29A - Warbstow Cross (Possible breeding) SX29F - Canworthy Water (Possible breeding) SX29K - Troswell (Possible breeding) SX29Q - Brazacott (Possible breeding) SX29V - Bennacott (Present in breeding season) SX29B - Langdon (Possible breeding) SX29G - Trefursdon (Confirmed breeding) SX29L - Maxworthy (Possible breeding) SX29R - Clubworthy (Possible breeding) SX29W - Curry Lane (Possible breeding) SX29C - Poulza (Present in breeding season) SX29H - Creddacott Farm (Possible breeding) SX29M - Stapleton (Possible breeding) SX29S - Dolsdon (Possible breeding) SX29X - Suttondown Plantation (Possible breeding) SX29D - South Dinnacombe (Present in breeding season) SX29I - Week St Mary (Possible breeding) SX29N - Swannacott (Possible breeding) SX29T - Street (Possible breeding) SX29Y - Blagdon Manor Farm (Present in breeding season) SX29E - Treskinnick Cross (Present in breeding season) SX29J - Knowle (Present in breeding season) SX29P - Keywood (Possible breeding) SX29U - Whitstone (Possible breeding) SX29Z - East Balsdon (Confirmed breeding) SX35V - Whitsand Bay SX35B - Downderry beach SX35G - Long Stone SX35L - Portwrinkle beach SX35R - Portwrinkle (Present in breeding season) SX35W - Freathy (Probable breeding) SX35C - Seaton (Confirmed breeding) SX35H - Downderry (Confirmed breeding) SX35M - Dunn Hill (Possible breeding) SX35S - Crafthole (Probable breeding) SX35X - Scraesdon Fort (Probable breeding) SX35D - Hessenford (Possible breeding) SX35I - Rytha (Probable breeding) SX35N - Polbathic (Present in breeding season) SX35T - St Germans Quay (Possible breeding) SX35Y - Elm Gate (Probable breeding) SX35E - Catchfrench Manor (Possible breeding) SX35J - Trerulefoot (Probable breeding) SX35P - Tideford (Confirmed breeding) SX35U - St Erney (Possible breeding) SX35Z - Trematon (Possible breeding) SX36A - Trehurst (Present in breeding season) SX36F - Cutmere (Probable breeding) SX36K - Tideford Cross (Probable breeding) SX36Q - Landrake (Present in breeding season) SX36V - Notter (Confirmed breeding) SX36B - Doddycross (Present in breeding season) SX36G - Penpoll (Confirmed breeding) SX36L - Blunts (Probable breeding) SX36R - Howton (Present in breeding season) SX36W - South Sillaton (Confirmed breeding) SX36C - Quethiock (Present in breeding season) SX36H - Dannett (Probable breeding) SX36M - Bramble Wood (Probable breeding) SX36S - Pillaton (Possible breeding) SX36X - St Mellion (Present in breeding season) SX36D - St Ive (Present in breeding season) SX36I - St Ive Cross (Probable breeding) SX36N - Cadson Bury (Confirmed breeding) SX36T - Bealbury (Possible breeding) SX36Y - Tipwell (Probable breeding) SX36E - Charaton Cross (Probable breeding) SX36J - Trevigro (Probable breeding) SX36P - Frogwell (Probable breeding) SX36U - Callington (Probable breeding) SX36Z - Cleave Farm (Possible breeding) SX37A - Longridge (Probable breeding) SX37F - Golberton (Probable breeding) SX37K - Maders (Confirmed breeding) SX37Q - Kelly Bray (Possible breeding) SX37V - Hingston Down (Possible breeding) SX37B - Plushabridge (Confirmed breeding) SX37G - South Hill (Possible breeding) SX37L - Polhilsa (Confirmed breeding) SX37R - Downgate (Confirmed breeding) SX37W - Luckett (Confirmed breeding) SX37C - Kersbrook Cross (Probable breeding) SX37H - Bray Shop (Probable breeding) SX37M - Venterdon (Possible breeding) SX37S - Stoke Climsland (Probable breeding) SX37X - Tutwell (Confirmed breeding) SX37D - Halwell (Confirmed breeding) SX37I - Lower Trebullett (Probable breeding) SX37N - Treburley (Probable breeding) SX37T - Bealsmill (Possible breeding) SX37Y - Gunoak Wood (Present in breeding season) SX37E - Higher Larrick (Confirmed breeding) SX37J - Lezant (Probable breeding) SX37P - Carvoda (Possible breeding) SX37U - Castlepark Hill (Confirmed breeding) SX37Z - Wareham Wood (Present in breeding season) SX38A - South Petherwin (Probable breeding) SX38F - Trevozah Barton (Present in breeding season) SX38K - Little Comfort (Confirmed breeding) SX38Q - Timbrelham (Possible breeding) SX38B - Daw's House (Present in breeding season) SX38G - Launceston (south) (Present in breeding season) SX38L - Lawitton (Confirmed breeding) SX38R - Carzantic (Confirmed breeding) SX38C - Truscott (Probable breeding) SX38H - Launceston (Possible breeding) SX38M - Dutson (Confirmed breeding) SX38S - Liftondown (Confirmed breeding) SX38D - Yeolmbridge (Possible breeding) SX38I - Werrington Park (Possible breeding) SX38N - Nether Bridge (Present in breeding season) SX38E - Langdon Cross (Possible breeding) SX38J - Lady Cross (Possible breeding) SX38P - Crossgate (Probable breeding) SX39A - Boyton (Possible breeding) SX39F - Colehill Wood (Possible breeding) SX39K -  SX39B - Beardon (Possible breeding) SX39G - Bradridge Wood (Probable breeding) SX39C - Eastcott (Possible breeding) SX39H - Eastcott Wood (Possible breeding) SX39D - North Tamerton (Present in breeding season) SX39I - Tetcott [Devon] SX39E - Venton (Present in breeding season) SX39J -  SX44D -  SX44I -  SX44N -  SX44E - Rame Head (Probable breeding) SX44J - Rame (Probable breeding) SX44P - Penlee Point (Possible breeding) SX45A - Tregonhawke (Possible breeding) SX45F - Kingsand (Confirmed breeding) SX45K - Fort Picklecombe (Possible breeding) SX45Q -  SX45B - St John (Probable breeding) SX45G - Millbrook (Probable breeding) SX45L - Mount Edgcumbe (Confirmed breeding) SX45R -  SX45C - Anthony (Probable breeding) SX45H - Torpoint (Confirmed breeding) SX45M -  SX45D - Anthony Passage (Present in breeding season) SX45I - Wilcove (Probable breeding) SX45E - Saltash, west (Probable breeding) SX45J - Saltash, east (Present in breeding season) SX46A - Carkeel (Present in breeding season) SX46F - Landulph (Present in breeding season) SX46B - West Kingsmill (Present in breeding season) SX46G - Cargreen (Present in breeding season) SX46C - Pentille Castle (Present in breeding season) SX46H - Clifton (Present in breeding season) SX46D - St Dominick (Present in breeding season) SX46I - Bohetherick (Present in breeding season) SX46E - Metherell (Confirmed breeding) SX46J - Calstock (Present in breeding season) SX46P - Harewood (Probable breeding) SX47A - St Ann's Chapel (Probable breeding) SX47F - Gunnislake (Probable breeding) SX47B - Chilsworthy (Probable breeding) SX47G - New Bridge (Present in breeding season) SX47C -


Map explanation

This map shows the breeding distribution recorded using the possible / probable / confirmed breeding categories as described in the Breeding season aims. The additional Present category denotes tetrads where species abundance was noted but no breeding code allocated. It generally equates to Possible Breeding (code A1) for widespread resident species but almost certainly includes non breeding individuals for some summer visitors and passage migrants.

Tetrad counts