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Song Thrush (Dougy Wright) - how do its breeding and wintering distributions vary?

For many years there has been no way of bringing together the diverse records relating to many of the breeding and non-breeding species. Randomly collected records of common breeding and wintering species have been a particular cause for concern and there has been much discussion about the best way to handle such records. This initiative hopes not only to provide a home for such records, but to put in place a recording structure that will lead to a better understanding of the avifauna of Cornwall. The project will take all species records at any time of year and use them constructively, but the primary aim is to concentrate on the production of two atlases, a breeding and a winter atlas.

We hope that the atlases will provide a clear picture of the status of all the birds using Cornwall at the start of the 21st century so that all the organisations in the county working for the conservation of birds will have a firm basis on which to draw conclusions.

Fieldwork for the breeding atlas is well advanced.  We have visited 84% of the county's tetrads (2kmx2km square) and have completed timed counts for 72% of them.  The winter atlas-work is even closer to completion.  

If you would like to do some recording, please contact the organiser, so recording effort is not duplicated. You can learn how to get involved, read more about the project and download some of the earlier newsletters here. The latest newsletter is available from the organiser.

Organiser: Paul McCartney, ERCCIS, Five Acres, Allet, Truro TR4 9DJ. Tel: 01872 240777 ext 245.

E-mail: Paul McCartney