Final Voting Page – 12 Birds of Christmas

And the Winner is … 

Common Crane - Paul Ash

Paul Ash took this cracking action shot of a Common Crane interacting with a Common Crow back on the 21st September at the north end of Helston Loe Pool. With 12 outright first place votes and 52 points from our (slightly convoluted) voting system this was a clear winner.

Second and third was a closely run thing, but Steve Rogers’ Alpine Swift taking it from Kevin Bowers’ Pied Wagtail family portrait in the end. The Alpine Swift took 9 first place votes, with the Pied Wagtail taking 7; both taking 36 points overall.

Alpine Swift - Steve Roger Pied Wagtails - Kevin Bowers

All photographers and the full 2018 Archive can be found here.



(Please click >HERE< for the original results page, with a brief summary and description of each days result)

All 12 ‘day winners’ from the voting rounds of the CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas –

1. Alpine Swift 2. Black Redstart 4. Bullfinch 5. Common Crane
1. Alpine Swift 2. Black Redstart 3. Bullfinch 4. Common Crane
6. Firecrest 7. Green Sandpiper 9. Merlin 10. Pacific Golden Plover
5. Firecrest 6. Green Sandpiper 7. Merlin 8. Pacific Golden Plover
11. Pied Wagtail 13. Red-throated Diver 14. Shelduck Temminck's Stint
9. Pied Wagtail 10. Red-throated Diver 11. Shelduck 12. Temminck’s Stint


Click on any image, then the right hand side ‘slideshow’ to view the slideshow, or scroll through manually. View all, and choose your favourite 3 images, and which you would place in first, second and third place. Then vote on the 3 polls below;

1. My First Vote

2. My Second Vote

3. My Third Vote

We will have a weighting system in place –  the votes in the First Place Poll gets 3 Points, Second Place Poll 2 Points, and Third Place Poll gets 1 Point. We will then add up all the votes/points – and the winner is the one with the most points!

To be fair, please do choose 3 different pics.

Hope that is perfectly clear, if it isn’t just go ahead and pick 3 anyway.

(And remember how you voted, to compare to the final result, if you so wish.)




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