CBWPS Cornwall Birds – 12 Birds of Christmas

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Day 12, December –

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45. Purple Sandpiper 46. Shoveler 47. Temminck's Stint 48. Red-rumped Swallow
45. Purple Sandpiper 46. Shoveler 47. Temminck’s Stint 48. Red-rumped Swallow

>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – December, Day 12<Closed

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A selection of the best birds appearing on the Cornwall Birds/ CBWPS Daily Sightings page on the website – these were all chosen as a ‘pic of the week’ and are of birds seen in Cornwall in that period of 2018.

Consider composition, lighting, technical excellence or rarity value, amongst other things, or maybe just pick the one that you like the best! Click on a pic to scroll through or start the slideshow (icons at bottom left and right of pic once opened up). To vote for your favourite, please go to the voting poll, highlighted in bright blue  – (should open in a new tab).

Voting will close c48 hours after opening, so as to give plenty of time for each. Results will be posted up here on the website shortly after each result is in, with new selections being posted up generally by mid-morning each day on this page.

>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – November, Day 11<Closed

41. Great White Egret 42. Firecrest 43. Kestrel 44. Pallid Swift
41. Great White Egret 42. Firecrest 43. Kestrel 44. Pallid Swift


>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – October, Day 10< Closed

Pectoral Sandpiper Red-throated Diver Wryneck Grey Catbird
37. Pectoral Sandpiper 38. Red-throated Diver 39. Wryneck 40. Grey Catbird


>>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – September, Day 9<<Closed

Common Crane Syke's Warbler Melodious Warbler Little Ringed Plover
33. Common Crane 34. Syke’s Warbler 35. Melodious Warbler 36. Little Ringed Plover


>>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – Day 8<< Closed

Green Sandpiper Marsh Sandpiper Pectoral Sandpiper Glossy Ibis
30. Green Sandpiper 29. Marsh Sandpiper 31. Pectoral Sandpiper 32. Glossy Ibis


>>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – Day 7<<Closed

Red-legged Partridge Pacific Golden Plover Pacific Golden Plover Crossbill
25. Red-legged Partridge 26. Pacific Golden Plover 27. Pacific Golden Plover 28. Crossbill


>>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – June, Day 6<<Closed

Pied Wagtail Red Kite Buff-breasted Sandpiper Grasshopper Warbler
21. Pied Wagtail 22. Red Kite 23. Buff-breasted Sandpiper 24. Grasshopper Warbler


>>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – May, Day 5<<Closed

Cuckoo Shelduck Dotterel Red Kite and Crow
17. Cuckoo 18. Shelduck 19. Dotterel 20 Red Kite and Crow


>>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – April, Day 4<< Closed

Garganey Alpine Swift Red-rumped Swift Teal
13. Garganey 14. Alpine Swift 15 Red-rumped Swallow 16. Teal


>>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – March, Day 3<< Closed

Bullfinch Nuthatch Reed Bunting Pacific Diver
9. Bullfinch 10. Nuthatch 11. Reed Bunting 12. Pacific Diver


>>CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – February, Day 2<< Closed

5. Great White Egret 6. Merlin 7. Great White Egret 8. Barn Owl

CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas – January, Day 1

1. Hawfinch 2. Short-eared Owl 3. Black Redstart 4. Kumlien’s Gull

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