2017 records requiring further information

There are many records of birds requiring a description either for BBRC or at county level where more information is needed, ideally from the finder. Many are unattributed sightings (sometimes of well-watched birds) where a named observer for the dates given below would be very helpful.

Now that Birds in Cornwall (BiC) has been brought up to date with the publication of the 2015-16 report, timely submission of records is essential if it is to remain so. For this reason, future editions of BiC will no longer feature incomplete records. Instead, these records will be put up on the CBWPS website on a regular basis in the hope that this will encourage observers to send in descriptions and ensure that good or important birds are not missing from the county record. The records for 2017 where more information is required can be found on the spreadsheet  HERE.

Please send any supporting details for the sightings on the dates specified to the County Recorder as soon as possible. Accepted records will then appear in the Systematic List of Birds in Cornwall 2017 and will be published in the county bird report.

Rarity Submission Forms

National Rarity (.doc)
County Rarity (.doc)

2017 records requiring further information