Thursday 18th June 2020

Lizard: Still at least 1 adult Rosy Starling south of the village. (M Pass)

Rosy Starling – David Collins

Newbridge, Penzance: Rosy Starling visited the bird feeder at Higher Bodinnar. (E Edwards)

St Erth: 2 Yellowhammers including a singing male. (M Spicer)

Penzance: Presumed escaped Ring-necked Parakeet on wires at Treneere estate. (DK Parker)

Rose-ringed Parakeet – Dave Parker

Rose-ringed Parakeet – Dave Parker

Marazion: 40+ Sand Martin at Top Tieb, Little London. (DK Parker)

Sand Martin – Dave Parker

Gulval Swallows (Part 1)
This year in 2020 the regular male swallow (since 2014) arrived on 6th April  with another male. Their behaviour suggested father and  son. Both roosted in the garage until the regular female arrived 3 days later on 9th April, greeted excitedly by her waiting mate.
The offspring left and took up station on wires outside Gulval Church at Gulval Churchtown waiting for a mate. He paired up with a newly arrived late female on 5th May 2020 and they are currently rearing young in the portico at Gulval Church. This is the third year at this location. On 2 occasions they roosted in the garage after a homeless person bivouacked in the portico for the night.
The resident garage pair started to repair last years nest, but changed their minds and built a new nest tucked under the eaves.
The first egg was laid on 28th April and the clutch of 5 completed on 2nd May. By 16th May the eggs had hatched. The first swallow fledged on 31st May and all five airborne by 8th June 2020. The five juveniles still roost in the garage. The adult female has started replacing the nest lining in preparation for her next brood.
On 21st April after overnight rain another male swallow arrived at the garage. Its behaviour consistent with another offspring. He remained in the garage with his parents and on the evening of 5th May arrived with a female (same day as the Church female). Initially hesitant entering the garage but by night fall she came in to roost. This pair subsequently repaired the old nest on top of a strip light in the garage, laid the first egg on 24th May and completed a clutch of five by 29th May. These hatched on 11th June 2020 and I now have 14 swallows using the garage with more to follow. Eeek!!  FREE GUANO!!  In brief, only three pairs of swallow breed at Gulval and Gulval Churchtown where all the males are related. (Part 2) will follow later this year

Garden Listing Wednesday 17th June

Hayle: A long-awaited Greenfinch, a scarce species in Hayle & a group of distant Black-headed Gull on the estuary take me up to 45. (Martin Lenney)

16th June

Feock: I was gazing out of the window and a Little Egret flew over. A lucky spot taking my total to 40 please.
(Bec Penny)

Tresillian: Total now 54 (Spotted Flycatcher added). Inside the house, which is undergoing substantial building work, we now have Pied Wagtail, House Sparrow, Wren and Swallow nesting, plus visits from Linnet and Grey Wagtail. Perhaps we can have an inside-the-house listing league? (Andrew le Masurier)