CURRENT SUBSCRIPTION RATES* (payable on joining and annually one year later thereafter):

Ordinary membership: £20.00 pa Family membership: £25.00 pa
Senior citizens: £17.00 pa Senior citizen family membership: £20.00 pa
Students: £10.00 pa

Corporate (non-profit) = £100, Corporate (profit-making) = £250. Life Membership rates available upon request.

(Life Membership Rates: Available upon request or see the Membership Application Form below.)

Download and print a Membership Application Form HERE

PLEASE NOTE: To access the Tower Hide at Walmsley Sanctuary you will require a key. If you wish to purchase a key please send a cheque for £8 with your application forms, or contact the Membership Secretary for alternative payment methods.

Standing Order Instruction

Payment by a Standing Order Instruction is, by far, the most convenient method of payment: you retain control and do not have to remember when your subscription is due for renewal. However, to prevent possible rejection of the Standing Order by your Bank or Building Society, it is important to ensure that you initial any amendments or corrections that you make on the form.

If you bank online and intend to set up a Standing Order Instruction electronically, you are requested to contact the Membership Secretary by e-mail at to obtain your CBWPS Membership Number before submitting to your bank.

Download and print a Standing Order Form HERE

Gift Aid Declaration

If you pay income tax in the UK, we strongly urge you to complete a Declaration in favour of the Society. Gift Aid is an important source of revenue for us and really does cost you nothing and you don’t necessarily have to be working to be paying tax. Income can include, for example interest on savings, State and/or other pensions, investment or rental income or Capital Tax on Gains. However, you must pay at least as much as the Society will reclaim. With current tax rates at 20%, this means that the amount the society receives will be 25% in every pound; this amounts to £2.50 for every £10 (or £25 for every £100) that you give to the Society.

Download and print a Gift Aid Form HERE

Membership Secretary: Carol Hughes, Castle Towers, Ruan Lanihorne, Truro, TR2 5NZ