Navigating the website

Help and advice to help you get the most out of the Cornwall Birds/CBWPS* website.

Firstly, Welcome!! Hopefully you will find plenty of interest here, along with information to make your County birding better, and count for more.

Secondly, Members Area – this contains articles and information for members of the society, for example back copies of the annual county bird report, Birds in Cornwall (BiC) 1931 to 2006, back issues of the quarterly magazine, Palores, copies of the Society minutes and useful general birding items along with more up to date content. In time the members area will contain more useful and interactive content to become an even more useful resource for members of the society.

Introduction to the website basics.

Hopefully the website is clear, well laid out, and easy to find your way around. All of the main content should be accessed in the main menu below the header image at the top of the website. Hovering over items and scrolling down before releasing the mouse should allow you to visit them. Alternatively some of the main headings can be clicked on to give the options from a single webpage.

Clickable links within the website are usually highlighted in bold Orange, external links in Blue. That ‘s what we’re going with for now anyway … email addresses are also in blue eg (Headings and titles, such as in this article, may be underlined, but aren’t usually clickable.)

(NB- the colours within the ‘Daily Sightings’ News Feed do not follow this rule – orange and blue are instead used as colours indicating various wildlife categories. Links here will usually be underlined in blue , as will email addresses  More on the format for the daily sightings page can be found below, or in the submissions guidelines on that page of the website)

Website on mobile devices

The Website should be set upfor use on hand-held devices such as phones and tablets. As these are all different sizes screen appearance will change. If you are experiencing problems with layout it may be something we can look into, or it may be your settings. Please contact us at if you think we haven’t set it up properly at our end.

Some of the main areas of the website – mostly to be found in the main menu bar below the header image.

Recent Sightings – don’t forget that images can be clicked on for a slideshow of that days birds. Sightings are manually entered in during the day as and when we receive them (this is a lot of work for the volunteer news team!) We aren’t a Bird News Service per se, with all records going to the Ornithological County Record, however we do want to provide the best service to the county’s birding community.

In the right hand section bar you can also click to view pages containing sightings of rarer birds seen within the county over the last 7 years or so in the ‘Search for Birds in Posts’ section. Colours indicate the staus of the various groups – National rarities are in bold red, County rarities are in bold blue, Other good scarcities may be in bold grey, whilst other animal groups are in orange, and bold orange for rarities.

A list of birding sites in the county, description species and more related topics can all be found in the ‘Recording Birds’ section of the menu bar.

Articles – some interesting reading on various topics. Hopefully more to come – get in touch if you have any ideas or content you think we should publish!

Cornwall Bird Atlas – The culmination of 4 years hard work surveying the county’s birdlife. This can be accessed from within the ‘Recording Birds’ tab in the main menu bar or the image in the side bars of the main pages. A lot of information in there and well worth a browse!

Walks and Events – Clicking on the date should bring up the event on the day. We usually add in 3 months events in advance at a time, with the occasional extra items as they are passed on to us. We are also starting a ‘reports’ section for walks, events and work parties, also to be found in the main drop-down menu.

Twitter and Facebook – this allows for more interaction if you are into social media. For twitter, see the twitter feed hosted on the main website pages to see what the society has been tweeting (no need to sign up to twitter itself), or search for @cbwps1 on twitter. The society Facebook page can be found at is also an active CBWPS Facebook group, details should be on the facebook page, or search within facebook itself.

Contacting us – The contact page can be found in the main menu under ‘About’ with the relevant members of the board listed. The bird news team at are always happy to answer any questions or give advice relating to bird identification or occurences/sites etc and the like in the county – the facebook group should also be good for getting help and advise from other experienced birders.

Listing 2018 – One relatively new section to be found on the website is to be found in the drop down ‘Resources’ menu. If you are a birder or birdwatcher who keeps any kind of record of birds seen during the year, this will be the section for you. The County List, County Yearlisting Challenge, Garden, Green and Patch lists can all be found here, along with the First Spring Arrival dates for our summer visitors, news of Bird Races and more. To take part in any of the events or challenges just contact us at the usual email addresses (bird-news or webmaster)

There is plenty more to be found on the website – have a look around for yourself. If you think you can help with bird news, writing articles, or have any suggestions for things you think it would be useful for the website to host do please get in touch.


*(As of October 2017 the society has adopted the name ‘Cornwall Birds’ as a working title for the CBWPS (Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society). This will allow us to retain the original name and its indication of our rich birding and conservation heritage in the county since 1931, whilst also making it easier for people to correctly remember and use our name).