Wednesday 15th May 2019

Late news, 11/5, Tresillian River: 3 Whimbrel, 3 Black-tailed Godwit. (A Nicholson)

Late news, 13/5, Wacker Quay: 12 Swift and 15 House Martin over at 14.20. (A Nicholson)

Late news, 14/5, Par: 3 Swift over at 19.30. (A Nicholson)

Late news, 14/5, St Agnes: 1 Red Kite, 8am over my garden. (A Gall)

Late news, 14/5, Bowthick: 1 male Redstart, 2 Willow Warbler, 1 Raven over, 3 Mistle Thrush, 1 Chiffchaff, 2 Blackcap, 2 Swallow – far fewer than usual for this site,1 Goldfinch, 2 Nuthatch, 1 Pied Wagtail, 2 Wren, 1 Robin, several Chaffinches, plus Holly Blue and many Orange Tip butterflies. (H Kendall & B Bryne.)

Late news, 14/5, St Ives: 1 Red Kite over the garden. (V Stratton)

Marazion Marsh RSPB: 1 Redshank, 1 Glossy Ibis, 7 Swift. (S. Rogers)

Botallack: 1 Honey Buzzard over. (J Hicks)

Carn Gloose: 1 Turtle Dove at 3.30. (P Clement)

Polgigga, Arden Sawah: 2 Turtle Dove. (M Wallace)

Marazion beach:  4 Grey Plover, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit, 35 Sanderling, 3 Ringed Plover, 5 Dunlin. (S. Rogers)

Newquay, Golf Course: 1 Red Kite over this morning at 8.20am. (D Kendle) Also 1Red Kite above Newquay Health Centre 8.25 am being mobbed by seagulls. (C Stephenson) and then 3 Red Kite east over Newquay Tretherras school at 08:30, then 2 more at 9:00 and 2 more at 10:10 over school all going east.. (S Rowe) Also 17 Red Kite over Newquay heading North (7.30 to 9.00 am ). (D Grose)

Gannel Estuary: 27 Dunlin. (S Rowe)

Penzance: 7 Red Kite east 2.30- 3pm (P St Pierre)

Hayle Estuary RSPB: 5 Red KIte drifting east over estuary at 10 am. (S Turner) Carnsew Pool: 90 + Dunlin and 2 Common Sandpiper at high tide. (S Turner)

St Ives: 1 Red Kite over the garden. (V Stratton)

Towan beach: 2 Red Kite over at 10am this am, along with Buzzard being chased off by Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls. (S Beadle)

Rock: 4 Red Kite flying north between 10.00+10.45am. (S Grose)

Porthilly Point: 1 Grey Heron, 1 Curlew, 2 Whimbrel, 1 Greenshank, 5 Dunlin, 7 Ringed Plover, 35 Oystercatcher, 26 Sand Martin. (S Grose)

Boscastle, Newmills: 1 Treecreeper. (K Uren)

Goss Moor, Gregoss: 1 Hobby over at 2pm. (I Stewart)

Cape Cornwall Golf Course: 1 Red Kite, 1.15. (P Fraser)

Carbis Bay, Longstone Cemetery: 1 Red Kite over lunchtime. (J Bennett)

Grampound, Creed Church: 1 Red Kite over River Fal going east. (D Roberts)

Foxhole: 3 Red Kite over 9-30. (P Wilkins)

St Merryn: 1 pair Buzzard feeding young. Private land. (R Hughes)

Millpool nr Rosudgeon: 7 Red Kite seen simultaneously (from a larger group circling very high up) came down to roof level, then even lower and swooped in and out of adjacent private garden for approx 15 mins at 10:15. (M Claughton)

St Ives: 1 Red Kite over Westward Road, 12.20. (D Robinson)

Falmouth: 2 Red Kite over the centre of town mid afternoon. (D Chaney)

Croft Pascoe: 1 Cuckoo, pair Spotted Flycatcher plus another individual elsewhere in the enclosure plus 3+ Siskin.  (T Pinfield)

Bray’s Cot – Gwendreath:  1 Red Kite at 10 am.  (T Pinfield)

Ventonleague: 13 Red Kite moving over East/South East from 9.30am to 12.44pm (Including 4 together at 10-13am. (P Rutter)

Hawkers Cove: 5 Sandwich Tern, 1 Grey Plover. (B Bosisto L Payne)

Indian Queens: 1 Red Kite over A30. (C Moakes)

Trewoon, St Austell:  5 House Martin, 4 Swift, 1 Buzzard being mobbed by Herring Gulls, 2 Canada Geese flying over heading East. (I Toogood-Johnson)

Sennen Cove: 1 Grey Plover, 11 Ringed Plover, 1 Dunlin & 3 Sanderling on the beach. 10 House Martin frequenting eaves of the cottages behind harbour car park. (J Hawkey)

St. Ives: 3 Red Kite over my garden today. (V Stratton)

Treleaver, Coverack: 1 Garden Warbler, 1 Cuckoo, 2 Swift, 3 Sedge Warbler, 5 Whitethroat, 2 Blackcap, 4 Stonechat (T Phelps, M Doyle) 

Goonhilly downs: 2 Cuckoo (T Phelps, M Doyle)

Helston: 1 Red Kite over east at 09.30 (T Phelps, M Doyle)


Tuesday 14th May 2019

Late photo, 13/5, Drift Reservoir: Pink-footed Goose.

Pink-footed Goose, Mike McKee

Marazion Marsh RSPB: 1 Glossy Ibis again. Also 3 Red Kite low over moving off to the north east at 15.05. (J Eaton) Plus 1 Redshank. (S. Rogers)

Cape Cornwall: juv Iceland Gull in ploughed field along Cape Cornwall road.

Marazion beach: 6 Dunlin, 20 Sanderling, 19 Ringed Plover, 2 Grey Plover, 1 Red Kite. (S. Rogers). Also 1 Grey Plover, 35 Sanderling and 3 Dunlin at 8am, plus 1 Red Kite over Hogus and 1 Red Kite drifting west towards Crowlas. (P Fraser) Late evening 77 Sanderling, 10 Dunlin and 3 Ringed Plover. (S Rogers)

Trevenen: 2 Red Kite over A394 east of Trevenen 06.45. (K. Dalziel)

Pendeen: 2 Red Kite just went over heading east 9:30. (S Smith)

Boscastle: 1 Red Kite. (K Uren)

Godolphin Hill: 1 Red Kite drifting south. (C Richards)

Truro, Rosedale: 3 Swift over heading west this morning. (J Mortimore) Gloweth: 4 Red Kite. (B Mellow)

Gulval, Kenegie Manor: 2 Red Kite over, one went slowly south, the other to the north. (D Trickey)

Zennor: 1 Red Kite (C Madden)

Bodmin Moor, De Lank Quarry: 1 Wood Warbler, 3 Garden Warbler, 5 Pearl-bordered Fritillary. (B Bosisto L Payne)

Carbis Bay: 1 Red Kite flew over our garden at 13.40. (H Hodder)

Hayle Estuary RSPB, Carnsew Pool: 24 Dunlin, 5 Ringed Plover, 2 Sanderling (one ringed , left leg yellow over white , right leg white red white) Later, 10 Grey Plover, c25 Dunlin, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit, and 2 Whimbrel. (P St Pierre) Estuary: 3 Whimbrel, 4 Bar-tailed Godwit. (S Turner) Also 1 Hobby and 30+ Swift. (P St Pierre)

Millpool nr Rosudgeon: 1 male Bullfinch feeding on spilt Niger seed on ground in garden 10:30, 1 Red Kite circled overhead for a while at 15:40. (M Claughton)

Lanivet: 1 Red Kite over at 15:20, circling with a Buzzard and drifting North. (P Davies)

Newquay: 1 Red Kite over at 4pm. (S Rowe)

Roseworthy: 2 Red Kite over A30 at 11.45. (P Fraser)

Bosullow: 8 Red Kite, (10.15 – 10.45). (P Fraser)

Bartinney: 1 Hobby and 1 Cuckoo. (P Fraser)

Carnyorth: 1 Red Kite. (J Swann)

Sennen and Brew area: 5 Red Kite. (L Proctor)

Lands End Airport: 2 Red Kite over. (C Moore)

Zennor Quoit: 2 Red Kite (circling), 1 Cuckoo at 13:30. (J St Ledger)

Penryn: 1 Kite overhead (flying from Asda car park towards Kernick Industrial Estate) at 15:05. (J St Ledger)

Lamorna: 35 Red Kite over by 15.00. (M McKee)

Trerulefoot: 1 Red Kite over at 09.55. (D Julian)

Cadsonbury: 1 Spotted Flycatcher,1 Dipper,1 Grey Wagtail,1 Pied Wagtail, 2 Nuthatch, 1 Tawny Owl, 3 Jay, 5 Buzzard,1 Kestrel, 2 Mistle Thrush. (C Buckland)

Spotted Flycatcher, Chris Buckland

Chapel Carn Brea: Red Kite over this morning at 1015.

Newquay: 3 Red Kite, 30+ Swift. (D Grose)

Helston: 5 Red Kite heading North at approx 4.30. (M Street)

The Lizard: 21 Red Kite east through this am. (T Blunden)

Par Lake: 1 Heron, 4 Cormorant, 17 Mallard, 40 Canada Geese.  (C Hooper)

Grey Heron, C Hooper

Cormorant, C Hooper

Mallard, C Hooper

Polcrebo Downs, Nancegollan: 1 Red Kite. (G Adams)

Crowlas: 6 Red Kite, moving SW in morning then E this afternoon. (R Veal)

Croft Pascoe: 1 pair Spotted Flycatcher, 1 Red Kite east at 12am. (D Collins)

Constantine: 1 Red Kite north at 2pm. (D Collins)

Maer Lake: 1 Grey Plover, 2 Dunlin, 2 Redshank, 6 Shelduck & 2+ducklings, Reed Warbler, Kestrel. Passage of Swifts along nearby coast. (B Craven)

Dozmary Pool:  20+ Swift, Cuckoo. (B Craven)

Tregonetha Downs:1 Yellowhammer, 7 Swift, 2 Buzzard, 11 Linnet, also 2 Tawny Owl heard between 22.00hrs +23.00hrs. (S Grose)

Padstow: 1 Red Kite. (R Augarde)


Monday 13th May 2019

Late news, 12/5, Kit Hill: 2 Whinchat,1 Grey Wagtail at Quarry, Linnets, Meadow Pipits, 2 Buzzard displaying and single, very pale Buzzard, 1 Kestrel, 1 Cuckoo, seen and calling, Goldfinch, 2 Willow Warbler, Blackbirds, Magpies, 2 Robin. (N Wills)

Skewjack: 1 Black Kite over at 13.55 heading east; 9 Red Kite at 13.05. Red Kite total: 38 between 10.20 and 15.50. (M Wallace)

Marazion Marsh: 1 Red Kite over late morning. (R Menari) Glossy Ibis back at 13,15. (L Proctor)

Drift Reservoir (members only): 1 Pink-footed Goose, c30 Swift. (M McKee)

Kenidjack: 5 Red Kite, 1 at c 09.30 going north, 4 at c 12.50 drifting south.(P Clarke)

Camel Estuary: 1 Black-tailed Godwit , 20 Whimbrel , 3 Greenshank, 1 Red Kite (L Payne B Bosisto )

Walmsley Sanctuary: 1 Greenshank, 1 Peregrine ( caught mallard duckling ), 38 Common Swift. (B Bosisto L Payne )

Gluvian: 3 Red Kite (B Bosisto L Payne )

Blackwater: 2 Red Kite. (R Stableforth)

Sennen Cove: Red Kite seen this afternoon inland. (D Davies)

Nancegollan, nr Helston: 2 Red Kite separately to the east of Nancegollan this afternoon. (D Chaney)

Trevothan, Coverack: 1 Red Kite (D Beadle)

Fraddon: 1 Chough crossing A30 approx 5 miles from Truro. (P Haseldine)

Lamorna: 1 Red Kite west @ 10.45 & 1 east @ 15.20. 5 Swift. (M McKee)

Trevose Head: 3 Whimbrel, 1 Common Buzzard, 37 House Martin, 55 Swallow, 1 Blackcap, 18 Whitethroat, 2 Sedge Warbler, 2 Chiffchaff, 1 Spotted Flycatcher, 3 Wheatear, 14 Common Swift. (B Bosisto)

Padstow, Stepper Point / Gunver Head: 3 Grey Partridge, 11 Whimbrel, 55 Razorbill, 53 Guillemot, 11 Fulmar, 6 Shag on nests, 19 Skylark, 16 Meadow Pipit, 13 Swift. (S Grose)

Croft Pascoe: 2 Crossbill, 2 Spotted Flycatcher, 4+ Siskin. (L Proctor)

Bissoe to Devoran cycle path: 2 Buzzard, 3 Robin, 2 Canada Geese, 4 Shelduck, 1 Little Egret, 2 Mute Swan and 20+ Black-headed Gull. (K Money)

Penwithick: 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker. (K. Bowers)

Great Spotted Woodpecker, Kevin Bowers

Gunwalloe: Cockoo being chased off by Dunock (a witheywood)


Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Roy Phillips: It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Roy Phillips after losing his fight with cancer yesterday. He was well-known to many local birders and was well-respected for his birding skills and reports. He was a regular contributor to CBWPS and his most recent report on the 12th announced the fledging of robins in his beloved garden. He will be greatly missed. 

Late news, 21/4, Porth Reservoir: 3 prs of Great Crested Grebe & 2 Common Sandpiper on the spit. (T Carson)

Late news, 22/4, Gannel Estuary: 2 Whimbrel, and 1 Common Sandpiper up at the boating lake end. (T Carson)

Nanjizal/Polgigga: 1 Stone Curlew in field near Faraway Cottage mid-morning (M McKee) and a Marsh Harrier south over Higher Bosistow. (M Wallace) Also a singing Lesser Whitethroat along Bosistow Lane. (M McKee) Quail singing around Bosisto Farm. (R Veal, P Roseveare, S+P Rogers) Stone Curlew landed in field immediately west of Faraway Cottage at 17:20. (DK Parker)

Stone Curlew, Mike McKee

Skewjack: 1 m Green-winged Teal again. (M Wallace)

Marazion Marsh RSPB: 1 Glossy Ibis again this afternoon.

Walmsley Sanctuary: 2 Little Ringed Plover ( circled reserve then flew north at 7:45am ), 8 Greenshank, 1 Lesser Whitethroat , 1 Lesser Redpoll. (B Bosisto) Also 7 Sedge Warbler, 1 Reed Warbler, 2 Chiffchaff, 1 Blackcap, 4 Sand Martin. (D Trevelyan)

Hayle Estuary RSPB: 1 Osprey over Ryan’s Field at 09.35. (P Brinton)

Chapel Porth: 1 Turtle Dove, also 4 Willow Warbler, 3 Blackcap, and a Roe Deer. (d j curtis)

Lands End: 1 Lesser Whitethroat in Blackthorn SW of Swingates. (P St Pierre) Also 7 Swallow, 13 Whitethroat, 3 Sedge Warbler, 1 Sand Martin, 1 Yellow Wagtail, 1 Curlew. (P Taylor, H Mitchell)

Gannel Estuary: at 8am, 2 Whimbrel & 1 Bar-tailed Godwit. (T Carson)

Bartinney: 3 Willow Warbler, 1 Stonechat, 2 Skylark, 1 Whitethroat. (P Taylor, H Mitchell)

Tresillian River: 7 Whimbrel. (M Jones)

Bunny’s Hill, SW of Cardinham: 1 Cuckoo calling. Also Willow Warbler, Bullfinch. (I J Bennallick)

Mawgan Porth: 2 Whimbrel in-off, and 3 Manx Shearwater west. (J Turner)

Mevagissey: 7 Great Northern Diver (5 sum plum), 2 Purple Sandpiper, 4 Sandwich Tern off the harbour. 30 Manx Shearwater, 35 Gannet, 2 Kittiwake, 25 Guillemot, 35 auk sp SE. (S Roper)

Sennen: 1 Marsh Harrier over late evening. (P Roseveare, S Rogers)

Old Lizard Head: 6 Whimbrel, 4 White Wagtail, 2 Wheatear. (D Collins)

Kynance Cove: 1 Common Sandpiper, 1 Grasshopper Warbler reeling. (D Collins)

Windmill Farm: Sedge Warbler, Willow Warbler, Whitethroat, Read Bunting, Chiffchaff, Common Lizard (A Witheywood)

Sedge Warbler, A Witheywood

Willow Warbler, A Witheywood

Downderry: 4 Bar-tailed Godwit, 5 Whimbrel and 3 Common Gull early this morning. (A Payne)


Saturday 20th April 2019

Late photo, 19/4, Church Town NR: 1 Hoopoe. (C Buckland)

Hoopoe, Chris Buckland

Late news, 19/4 RSPB Scillonian III trip, outbound; Penzance-Wolf Rock: 3 Eider, 1 Mediterranean Gull, 2 Common Gull, 3 Black-headed Gull, 2 Kittiwake, 22 Manx Shearwater, 135 Gannet, 80 Guillemot, 8 Razorbill, 4 Fulmar, 1 Swallow and 4 Common Dolphin and 1 Grey SealWolf Rock-Scilly: 1500 Manx Shearwater, 400 Gannet, 2 Kittiwake, 1 Swallow and 1 Common Dolphin. Inbound, Scilly-Wolf Rock: 58 Manx Shearwater, 116 Gannet, 12 Guillemot and 2 Fulmar. Wolf Rock-Penzance: 530 Manx Shearwater, 1 Puffin, 48 Gannet, 3 Fulmar, 1 Sandwich Tern and 4 Eider. (M Ahmad)

Lands End: 1 Serin over towards Sennen, 2 Little Ringed Plover, 1 Yellow Wagtail, 4 Sedge Warbler, 1 Reed Warbler, 3 Blackcap, 8 Whitethroat, 4 Sand Martin, 6 Swallow, 2 Chough, numerous Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff. (P Roseveare, M Ahmad)

Coverack: Pallas’ Warbler today 7.15-8.00 singing. (T Stuart)

Marazion Marsh RSPB: Both Osprey and Marsh Harrier still present early morning, but both flew north or north east by about 08.30. (S Rogers, D Parker, L Proctor) Glossy Ibis again (D Chadwick), and seen to fly out to sea this evening. (R Menari)

St Gothian Sands LNR: 2 Little Ringed Plover and 2 Common Sandpiper. (R Augarde)

Drift Reservoir (members only): 1 Cuckoo. (R Augarde)

Helston Boating Lake: possible Yellow-legged Gull. (S Grose)

Cubert Common: 1 Cuckoo. (S Rowe)

Lizard: Iceland Gull at 9.45-10.00, also Lesser Whitethroat and singing Firecrest in Church Cove. (T Stuart)  Also 1 Sedge Warbler, 2 Chiffchaff, 2 Whitethroat at Tregullas Farm pond. (S Grose)

Bude Marshes: 8 Canada Geese, 1 Mute Swan, 1 Pied Wagtail, 6 Wood Pigeon, 7 Reed Bunting, 7 Blackbird, 2 Little Egret, 1 Grey Heron, 10 Moorhen, 6 Blue Tit, 8 Sedge Warbler, 1 Reed Warbler, 22 Mallard – plus 4 juveniles, 3 Cetti’s Warbler, 2 Wren, 4 Dunnock, 5 Chiffchaff, 2 Willow Warbler, 4 Blackcap, 1 Common Sandpiper, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker continually drumming for at least twenty minutes, 5 Carrion Crow, 7 Rook, 4 Great Tit.
1 Orange Tip, 1 Red Admiral. (H Kendall, R Mudge)

Stithians Reservoir: 1 Grasshopper Warbler, 1 Cuckoo, 3 Sedge Warbler, 1 Garden Warbler, 12 Willow Warbler, 3 Chiffchaff, 2 Blackcap (D Eva)

Windmill Farm: 1 Cuckoo, 5 Grasshopper Warbler, 6 Whitethroat, 7 Sedge Warbler. (D Wright)

St Newlyn East Downs: 1 Cuckoo, 1 Yellowhammer. (S Grose)

Reskadinnick: 1 Grasshopper Warbler (I. Bennallick)

Mevagissey: 1 sum plum Great Northern Diver 5pm , plus 1 diver sp. off the harbour. (S Roper)

Tywardreath: Goldfinch and Greenfinch paying regular visits to supply of nesting material in private garden, 1 Bank Vole, 1 Wood Mouse. (R. Barlow)

Newquay: 50+ Turnstone, 32 Purple Sandpiper, 5 Dunlin on rocks behind the Headland Hotel this evening, also 4 Manx Shearwater and 5 Swallow past. (D Grose)

Walmsley Sanctuary, this evening: 31 Curlew (colour ringed individual), 2 Whimbrel, 71 Black-tailed Godwit, 12 Greenshank, 1 Green Sandpiper, 1 Dunlin (injured), 1 Spoonbill, 1 Garganey in flight, 1 Tufted Duck, 57 Teal and 1 Reed Warbler. (P Roseveare)

Millbrook: 2 Whimbrel this afternoon. (C Buckland)

Tregirls Beach: 2 Common Tern. (D Julian)

Rame: 3 Grasshopper Warbler, 3 N Wheatear, 10 Whitethroat, 3 Yellowhammer, 1 Willow Warbler, 2 Chiffchaff, 3 Collared Dove. (C Buckland)

Kenidjack: 1 m Pied Flycatcher.

Downderry: a Whinchat feeding on farmland mid afternoon just north of the village. (A Payne)

Chapel Amble: 3 Reed Warbler, 1 White Wagtail. (B Bosisto L Payne )

Roseannon Downs: 1 Cuckoo, 1 Grasshopper Warbler. (B Bosisto L Payne )


Tuesday 9th April 2019

Late news, 8/4, St Newlyn East: 3 Greenfinch.

Late news, 8/4, Upper Tamar Lake: Osprey at 15:10 west bank. (R Marshall)

Marazion Marsh RSPB: 1 Glossy Ibis, 4 Mute Swan, 2 Canada Geese, 2 Moorhen, 6 Mallard, 1 Little Egret, 4 Grey Heron at 14.45. (M Webb) 1 Common Sandpiper this evening. (S Rogers)

Grey Heron, Martin Webb

Glossy Ibis, Martin Webb

Old Lizard Head: male Blue-headed Wagtail. (D Collins)

Sancreed: 1 Cattle Egret, 1 Little Egret, ringtail Hen Harrier. (D Flumm)

Land’s End Airport: 1w Glaucous Gull and 1w Iceland Gull following plough in field opposite. (J Miller)

Cot Valley: Male Ring Ouzel in fields between Cot Manor and Carrallack this afternoon.(P Clarke)

Lizard Village: 2 House Martin. (D Collins)

Housel Bay: Iceland Gull. (D Collins)

Drift Reservoir (members only): 2 Black-necked Grebe, 4 Great Crested Grebe, 40 Canada Geese, 4 Blackcap, 4 Willow Warbler, 8 Chiffchaff. (D Flumm)

College Reservoir: 1 Garden Warbler and 2 Blackcap. (D Carrier)

Truro: 1 singing male Firecrest. (D Eva)

Crackington Haven: Male Hen Harrier flying north over higher crackington 18.30. (J & B Teague)

Dobwalls: 1 Swallow over our garden (C&J Duffy)

Tremayne Quay: 3 Little Grebe, 1 Black-necked Grebe. (M Nattrass)

St Gothian Sands LNR: 2 Mute Swan, 18 Canada Geese, 1 Greylag Goose, 22 Tufted Duck, 8 Little Grebe, 6 Teal, 6 Shelduck, 4 Mallard, 8 Moorhen, 6 Coot, 2 Buzzard over at 11.45. (M Webb)

Greylag Goose, Martin Webb

Little Grebe, Martin Webb

Gwithian: 3 Willow Warblers 1 male Wheatear. (S Turner)

Porth Reservoir: 1 Common Sandpiper, 7 Great Crested Grebe, 5 Coot, 1 Grey Heron, 2 Blackcap, 2 Chiffchaff, 1 Buzzard. (S Grose

Pendeen: 1 Willow Warbler, 1 Swallow, 2 Raven, 1 Buzzard, 1 Stonechat, 1 Meadow Pipit, a few Linnets. (A Hartley)

Mousehole: 1 singing Rock Pipit. (A Hartley)

East Pentire, Newquay: 30 Sand Martin this evening. (S Rowe)

Whipsiderry: 1 Barn Owl flying down to the beach at 22:00. (S Grose)


Sunday 7th April 2019

Lower Tamar Lake: 1f Ring-necked Duck, 12 Tufted Duck, 4 Great Crested Grebe. (R Mudge)

Helston: 1 Great White Egret flying towards Loe Pool at 1345 (D Eva)

Kenidjack: 1 Serin just east of engine shed. (R Augarde)

Marazion Marsh RSPB: 1 Glossy Ibis and 1 Water Pipit still. (P St Pierre)

Wheatear, Steve Rogers

Drift reservoir (members only): 1 ad Kumlien’s Gull, 2 Black-necked Grebe, 1 Cattle Egret. (R Menari)

Polperro: 1 Hoopoe reported. (per D Spooner)

Caerthillean: Grasshopper Warbler heard between bridge over stream and gate. (M Williams)

St Gothian Sands LNR: 1 Little Ringed Plover, 1m Wheatear and c12 Swallow through. (MJ Spicer) Also 1 m Pintail. (R Augarde)

Pintail, Richard Augarde

Carn Brea: 1 Wryneck behind the castle. (S Grose)

Mount (PL30 4DU): 2 Swift. (N Moss)

Mounts Bay: 7 Eider and 2 Common Scoter off Marazion. (P St Pierre)

Rilla Mill: Mistle Thrush pair collecting food and carrying off to nest. (D Spooner)

Mistle Thrush, Derek Spooner

Mistle Thrush, Derek Spooner

Mistle Thrush, Derek Spooner

Newlyn Harbour: 1 Sandwich Tern, 1 Kittiwake, 2 Raven, 1 f Eider on the slipway, 3 Mute Swan, 14 Turnstone, 53 Great Black-backed Gull, 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 2 Rock Pipit. (S Grose)

Hayle Estuary RSPB, Carnsew Pool: 1 m Wheatear, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit, 1 Common Sandpiper, 9 Linnet, also 1 dead Grey Seal on estuary behind Tempest building. (S Grose) Plus 6 Oystercatcher, 12 Ringed Plover, 2 Dunlin, 1 Black-tailed Godwit, 6 Sandwich Tern and 1 Red Kite flying over Hayle bypass. (D Thomas)

Crantock: Osprey over Treago Farm at 2.45pm. (C Stephenson)

Park Head: Osprey flew north along the coast 15:20 (presumed same as Crantock). (S Rowe)

Osprey, Steve Rowe

Lizard Point: 1 Common Redstart. (C Hewson)

Trevose Head: 7 Swallow, 1 Kestrel, 1 Raven, 3 Stonechat ( m ), numerous singing Skylark. (S Lilley)

Dobwalls: Male Yellowhammer in our garden (C&J Duffy)

Penwithick: 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2 Blue Tit, 2 Siskin, 5 Goldfinch, 6 Chaffinch, 3 Long-tailed Tit, 2 Collared Dove, 2 Woodpigeon. (K. Bowers)

Siskin, Kevin Bowers

Long-tailed Tit, Kevin Bowers

Reed Bunting, Kevin Bowers

Porthmeor: 1 Cetti’s Warbler. (S Rowe)

Porth Reservoir: 2 Grey Heron, 12 Sand Martin, 10 Swallow, 2 House Martin, 6 Great Crested Grebe, 2 Coot, 6 Moorhen. (S Rowe)

Newquay: 3 Mediterranean Gull behind the plough in fields at Tregair Farm. (S Grose)

Gannel Estuary: 2 Common Sandpiper (opp Mellanvrane roundabout) 1 Dipper (on drainage pipe 100yds west of cairn bridge), 1 Chiffchaff at (Salmons Lane), 11 Little Egret at Penpol Creek. (S Grose)

Kilkhampton: 2 Yellowhammer. (R Mudge)

Newquay Boating Lake: 1 Tawny Owl this eve. (S Grose)