Christmas Day Quiz 2017

A bit of fun to wash the turkey down. A few questions from the easier to a little bit more tricky – a gentle test of your knowledge of birds and birding in Cornwall and beyond.


1) For which bird species is the Carrick Roads especially well-known?

2) What is the latin name for House Sparrow?

3) What does ‘Palores’ mean?

4) Where would you traditionally see an ‘Erithacus rubecula’ at this time of year?

5) What colour is the rump of a Yellowhammer?

6) After what bird did Sir Peter Scott name his daughter?

7) Where is the stronghold of Red-legged Partridges in Cornwall?

8) Name 3 American vagrants on the Cornwall List beginning with the letter B (there are 12 or so in total!)

9) Name all 12 …

10) Which is larger – a Blackbird or a Water Rail?


11) How many toes are there on a birds foot?

12) What is a Stormcock?

13) How many Firecrests does the average Mallard weigh?

14) What colour legs does a Redshank have?

15) Which species of bird was the second for Cornwall, occurring at Walmsley Sanctuary in May 2013?

16) What is a tetrad?

17) What small passerine is commonly associated with fast flowing rivers and streams?

18) Which is commoner in Cornwall, Garganey or Glaucous Gull?

19) Name 2 species of passerine which seem to be have had an exceptional autumn in Cornwall this year.

20) What colour wingbars does a Goldfinch have?


Anagrams – all common birds that can be encountered in Cornwall

1- Embarrased Gent Erred

2- Can Critter

3- Recreated Gets Berg

4- Cod Harp

5- Dye One Leg

6- Rat Smith

7- Unbind Egret

8- Wash Raw Pork

9- Heinous Tram



Just for fun and no prizes! Answers will be posted up in a few days time.