Cornwall Bird Atlas

Cornwall Bird Atlas. Access it by clicking on one of the maps below, but please take time to read the rest of the article first.

atlas bhgull winter atlas bhgull summer


The site shows tetrad maps for relative abundance for all species recorded in the summer and winter periods. It also shows breeding maps with the familiar confirmed/probable/possible symbols. An additional present category has been added to include species recorded on the abundance maps but not on the breeding maps. We also have frequency maps showing the county ‘hotspots’ – tetrads where most species were found. The grid squares are linked to the OS map so it is easy to locate the area. However, rare species are protected by only mapping at the 10km level. Another useful addition are hover-over keys to highlight areas of woodland, rivers and urbanisation. This enables habitat associations to be identified for certain species like Dipper and Tawny Owl. It is also possible to look at all the species found in any particular tetrad and their relative abundance.