Donations Page

Make a donation to the society

If you wish to make a donation to the society and help us in our work you may do so here or by contacting us directly.

Please enter your donation in the centre ‘amount’ section of the form (do be careful of the placement of the decimal point eg 10.00 = £10, 50.00 = £50 etc). Donations can be made anonymously. If you are wishing to donate larger sums or for cheques and bank transfers please contact the Hon Treasurer at

If you wish to make a donation for a specific purpose, please use one of the following donation links, or contact us with details after making a general donation.

  Bird food donation for Stithians

Donation towards educational stands and materials

Gift Aid:  If you pay income tax in the UK, we strongly urge you to complete a Declaration in favour of the Society. Gift Aid is an important source of revenue for us and really does cost you nothing and you don’t necessarily have to be working to be paying tax. Income can include, for example interest on savings, State and/or other pensions, investment or rental income or Capital Tax on Gains. However, you must pay at least as much as the Society will reclaim. With current tax rates at 20%, this means that the amount the society receives will be 25% in every pound; this amounts to £2.50 for every £10 (or £25 for every £100) that you give to the Society.

Personal Privacy Data Regulations – The personal data of Society members is held on the CBWPS Database for Society purposes only so that we can provide services in accordance with our Membership Terms and Conditions. See the Society Privacy Policy for full details.