Garden Bird Race 19th April 2020

We had ten participants on the day, results as per the table, along with a ‘Joint Cornwall List’ for the day.

TotalName LocationDescriptionHighlights
45Pete RoseveareTalskiddyInland, RuralMigrant Garden Warbler,Red-legged Partridge
45Bob BosistoGluvian, St Columb MajorInland, RuralShoveler (1st for 16 years), Yellowhammer, Snipe
34Tim PinfieldConstantineWoodland edge; valley views
30Mike ParkerLizardEdge of village, distant sea viewsBlack Redstart, Whitethroat, Gannet
27Steve MayesMorvahFarmland/moorlandSparrowhawk, Swallow, Jay
25Dan Chaney Mabe Burnthouse Inland, edge of villageTawny Owl, Sparrowhawk, Raven
25Lawrie SampsonTruroInland communal garden without view
24Jen BousfieldNorth Hill, LauncestonRural gardenSiskin, Mistle thrush, Marsh Tit
15Mark LythamRoselandRuralCoalTit, Goldcrest

Observer initials indicate a unique observer record. An impressive 65 species were recorded from a variety of habitats.

Bird Race Apr 19th

Garden Bird ‘Race’ Sunday 19th April:  General garden birding rules apply (see below), but essentially the aim is to record as many birds as you can in or from your garden in the 24 hour period! If we have enough participants we will have categories such as coastal, rural or solely suburban, with virtual prizes (ie kudos) for best bird, most surprising bird-related event, most birds seen etc. Please email your total species list to:, along with your name and location details, whether coastal or not and highlights etc. Photos of birds or garden welcome. Good luck!

Garden listing ‘rules’: Essentially all birds seen or heard, in or from your garden.

  • All birds to be seen by the named observer, in or from the garden (or house) – however distant.
  • Birds can be seen or heard. This includes flyovers (over the property or however distant).
  • Live wild birds only (exotics, dead birds and sound-recorded only don’t count)
  • From 1 minute past midnight on Sunday morning until midnight on Sunday ie 00:01 to 24:00 GMT 19th April
  • Feral Pigeon counts as a species.


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