Garden Listing 2.0 26th November


20th November – A few more for the Lockdown list: Mallard & Pheasant   –  I missed these off the first list (they’re so familiar), and since yesterday: Long tailed Tit, Common Sandpiper, Sparrowhawk, Wigeon, Carrion Crow.

That makes 41 in total; all through the lounge window, except the Firecrest: through the kitchen window.

24th November – And add: Pied Wagtail to make 42. (Andy Blonden).

Little Kirland:

24th November – Now 33 (John Macadam)

26th November – Now 35. Added Treecreeper and Marsh Tit today. Both not seen in my garden for some years. Also something like a Jack Snipe took off from under a fallen apple tree – silent, a fast twist between two branches and then up the garden, low and straight. I could not see any white – I was looking at the tree when I flushed it. I could not find it again (lots of other stuff to hide under!) so not counted. (John Macadam)


25th November – Now on 47 and I still can’t find a Collared Dove! A Humpback Whale scoped from the bedroom window was an early birthday present. (Dave Parker)


26th November – Added Blackcap this morning making total 49. Can I make 50 by end of the lockdown?

Another long sunny day. 34 species seen so far today (always a chance of Woodcock at dusk yet). These include Little Egret, Firecrest, Redwing, Bullfinch, Long-tailed Tit, Blackcap, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Raven, Buzzard.

Unarmed Stick Insect – Tim Pinfield

Blackcap – Tim Pinfield

The stick insect is Acanthoxyla inermis or the Unarmed Stick Insect. I have seven still surviving in a small cupressus just outside the front door!

Red Admiral – Tim Pinfield

Peacock Butterfly – Tim Pinfield

I saw three species of butterfly. Two are pictured, the third was spotted and smaller and only seen flight – either Speckled Wood or Wall Brown. (Tim Pinfield)


26th November – Please add Buzzard, Bullfinch and Chaffinch to my list for a new total of 17. (Bec Penny)

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