Garden Listing 11th June 2021

Liskeard: Male Bullfinch feeding on leftover sunflower seeds amongst the flower border this evening. A stunning number 37. (Deena Sharp)

Constantine: Saw this Barn Owl last night bringing my total to 61. First sighting of this species here for some years. (Tim Pinfield)

Barn Owl – Tim Pinfield

Garden Listing 9th June 2021

Tresillian: One more for my list – Tufted Duck. (Andrew le Masurier)

Garden Listing 8th June 2021

Lanlivery: First new species for over a month. Two Swifts overhead, brings the total to 57 species (I seem to have lucked out on the Red Kites this year!). (Phil McVey)

Liskeard: Number 36 is a Song Thrush, singing from across the valley today. (Deena Sharp)

Garden Listing 6th June 2021

Constantine: When out for a walk a couple of days ago I noticed a Whitethroat singing in a hedge on the opposite side of the valley to our house, about 800m away. Today, I was able to see it in song flight from the house through my telescope! So the list moves to 60. (David Collins)

Coverack: A very distant singing Willow Warbler for 67. (Dan Beadle)

Garden Listing April and May Roundup

It’s time for another Cornwall Garden Listing League roundup, and this one is a double roundup for April and May. The last few months have seen a few changes at the top of the leader board, with the top 11 gardens separated by only 9 species at the end of May. Matt Southam at Praa Sands now leads the way, ahead of Dave Parker at Marazion and Dan Beadle at Coverack in joint second. Reuben Veal at Crowlas is still the top inland garden, now tied with John Holmes at Penryn on 63 species, whilst Andrew le Masurier now rounds out the top 6 with 62 species from his Tresillian garden.

Bird of the month for April was probably the Osprey seen by Stu Bearhop on the 12th, whilst May’s top bird could be one of several – Rosalind Smith’s Black-tailed Godwit at Feock, Dan Beadle’s brief early-morning Spotted Flycatcher, Tony Wilson’s drake Mandarin that turned up at Callestick on 17th May, or Andrew le Masurier’s garden-tick Hobby on the 28th.

The Cornwall Garden Listing League combined list now stands at 128 species, and many of the recent additions to the list were spring migrants: Helen Norton had both the first House Martin on 3rd April and the first Swallow at the end of March, Rob Nicholls at Grampound Road had the first Swift on 24th April and Tony Wilson garden-ticked the first Sedge Warbler of the year the following day. Phil McVey had a Grasshopper Warbler, an impressive bird to record from a garden, on the 26th, and four days later the first Cuckoo was heard by David Collins at Constantine. What may well have been the same bird was noted by Tim Pinfield at Constantine on 2nd May, with Cuckoos also being recorded from gardens at Lanlivery (3rd), Penryn (24th; only the second from John Holmes’s garden in 9 years) and Coverack (30th).

Red Kite was a popular addition during the period, with 8 gardens adding this impressive raptor. 19 gardens have now added Swallow, 16 have added Swift and 15 have added House Martin. Gary Healey at Crowlas became the third lister to record Sand Martin this year, and Whimbrels turned up for Matt Southam at Praa Sands and Andy Blonden at Polbathic on 18th and 20th April respectively. Manx Shearwater was one of 7 additions to the combined list in May, with the first seen by Matt Southam on 5th.

Moving away from migrants, David Collins got the eighth garden tick bird of prey species in four years in the form of a Kestrel on 29th May, as well as adding Shelduck on the 9th. Andrew le Masurier also added Shelduck, on 15th May, and on the same day became the second lister to record Little Grebe this year. Another highlight from Tresillian was a Firecrest on 1st April, whilst Phil McVey added a Yellowhammer on 23rd March.

Looking forwards, it’s perhaps surprising that no garden has yet recorded Whitethroat, whilst only 5 gardens have recorded Willow Warbler, so these are species to keep an eye out for. Whilst spring migration fades out into June, there are a number of potential scarcities or rarities that might turn up, such as flyover Bee-eater or Crossbill, or perhaps even the Black Stork that’s been roaming parts of the county in recent days. Rosy Starling is another potential garden addition with the currrent influx… Good luck!

Garden Listing 2nd June 2021

Polbathic: Linnet this morning makes 61. (Andy Blonden)

Garden Listing 1st June 2021

Liskeard: A long awaited addition, a Swift over the bungalow this evening, takes my total number to 36 (this slightly makes up for the Red Kite not able to be seen from the garden and missing the Bullfinch that Mr Sharp saw, but didn’t tell me until it had gone)! (Deena Sharp)

Praa Sands: After a long quiet period, I now get two new birds within a day of each other, today early morning there’s a cock Pheasant (No. 69) calling away somewhere on Hoe Head. (Matt Southam)

Garden Listing 31st May 2021

Constantine: Red Kite directly over the house this afternoon takes the list to 59. (David Collins)

Praa Sands: Crept up to 68 with two Swifts going over today, longer and longer gaps between sightings. (Matt Southam)

Polbathic: He’s been a long time coming, this year, but today’s Bullfinch makes 60. (Andy Blonden)

St Keverne: House Martin on 3rd April, Greenfinch on 17th April, Curlew on 24th April (8 over), Siskin on 25th April, Cuckoo on 8th May (heard), Willow Warbler on 14th May (heard), Red Kite (4 over) and Swift (1 over) on 29th May, Bullfinch on 30th May and Blackcap on 31st May for 45. We also have two House Sparrow nests and one Blue Tit nest busy in the garden. (Helen Norton)

Coverack: Total now 66, including an early-morning Spotted Flycatcher that was my 99th garden tick. (Dan Beadle)

Garden Listing 30th May 2021

Penryn: Plus two for the second day in a row: Bullfinch and House Martin. (John Holmes)

Callestick: No Black Storks or Black Kites for me today but I did add Lesser Black-backed Gull and Feral Pigeon to take the garden list to 60!

Coverack: I got the ‘scope on the roof for the first time in a while, and added Swift, Red Kite (total of 21 throughout the afternoon) and Manx Shearwater, followed by a very distant Cuckoo in the evening, which takes my total to 64. At this point last year I was on 68 and I had a 3 month headstart this year, so I’ve got catching up to do! (Dan Beadle)

Garden Listing 29th May 2021

Helston: Buzzard and 3 Swift over the garden today. (Steve Ford)

Crowlas: Swift and Red Kite takes me to 48 (Gary Healey)

Penryn: I had a minor role in the first Red Kite reintroduction project, bringing back 20 chicks from Spain 29 years ago this May. So when I saw yesterday’s reports showing the annual influx was starting I knew this would probably be the perfect 60th species from my garden this year. Then a Jay turned up first thing (60). Four Red kites came over through the day though. (John Holmes)

Dobwalls: 1 Red Kite being mobbed by Herring Gulls. It had some feathers missing from one wing. Number 48 on our list.

Our House Sparrow colony is doing well, with 5 nest boxes occupied and feeding broods by the second week of April, now some of them are on to their second brood. (Chris and Janet Duffy)

Garden Listing 28th May 2021

Tresillian: Two more to add to my list, with Red Kite and first ever Hobby seen from the garden. (Andrew le Masurier)

Callestick: 5 Red Kites over the garden late afternoon but the one I’ve been waiting for was Swift which takes my total to 58. (Tony Wilson)

Garden Listing 25th May 2021

Coverack: Having returned from exile at uni in Norfolk, my list now totals 60 with species added including Sedge Warbler. Still no definite Cuckoo however – apparently there were plenty around while I was away! (Dan Beadle)

Trethurgy: Swallow and Swift seen, plus have heard Cuckoo and Willow Warbler. (Geoff White)

Garden Listing 24th May 2021

Penryn: Green Woodpecker was added at the start of May with Swift about ten days ago. Rough weather last week but good visibility meant I could finally scope a Gannet in the Carrick Roads from here in Penryn. Less expected was the Cuckoo that flew by in a squall on Thursday –only my second from here in nine years.  Total comes to 59 now, though there are some pretty glaring omissions. (John Holmes)

Polbathic Creek: A very welcome Nuthatch visiting the feeders today, makes 59. (Andy Blonden)

Garden Listing 23rd May 2021

Feock: We had a jay fly past today for 38. Last year we saw them regularly, but not so this year. (Rosalind Smith)

Garden Listing 22nd May 2021

Callestick: I added Linnet today to take my total to 57. (Tony Wilson)

Dobwalls: For number 46 on our list; a brief visit from 2 Mistle Thrush in the neighbours tall trees (Chris and Janet Duffy)

Polbathic: A Swift, at long last, dragging me up to 58. (Andy Blonden)

Crowlas: Swift also new, for 63. (Reuben Veal)