Garden Listing Friday 15th May

Little Kirland: Glad you’ll continue running this – it’s made me look at little black dots, although today’s addition was a female kestrel less than 50m away. So now 48. Dippers have their second brood under the bridge less than 30m from my garden …maybe I’ll hear them one day! The stream also has otter, bullhead, trout, heron and kingfisher, and eventually reaches the Camel. BTW when Cormac replaced the old granite slabs bridge with a concrete slab they carefully left a ledge in one abutment for birds to nest….and they sliced off the edge of a granite slab to fix to the side of the new concrete slab so the bridge appears unchanged. The spare granite gets taken to their yard for re-use. Cheers. (John Macadam)

St Austell: total species from garden now 44.
Updated species are Red Kite, Sparrowhawk, Swift and House Martin.(Neil Best)

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