Garden Listing Monday 15th June

Coverack: Not a new species, but certainly a very bizarre sighting – juv Cormorant dosing on the driveway! I’ve already had flyover Cormorant, but being at least 0.75 miles from the sea and with only a very small pond, I didn’t expect one to land! After preening and yawning outside the garage for 30 mins, it the waddled onto the front doorstep before finding its reflection in a car door and appearing very confused; staring, snapping and peering at itself! The bird even stayed when the window cleaner came, later walking off down the road, but it seemed fit and well and could stretch its wings easily. 

Cormorant – Dan Beadle

Cormorant – Dan Beadle

14th June

Little Kirland: Finally 50 with a female Grey Wagtail which flew up from the stream (just not visible from my garden) onto a neighbour’s roof, calling. Maybe the other feathered residents in the stream will show themselves too? (John Macadam)

12th June

Polbathic: Correction: I’d already seen Blackcap, so it was 52, not 53. Further to previous correction, the arrival of Black-headed Gull now confirms the total at 53. (Andy Blonden)

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