Garden Listing Sunday 26th April

Illogan: Well, it’s been over 2 weeks since my last new sighting. But then I was outside at about 11pm attending my moth trap when I clearly heard Whimbrel overflying. Whilst on my exercise today I saw Swallow, Mistle thrush, and Nuthatch, alas none on my list and none within sight or sound of my house. So my list only increases by one. *Later in the day* Nuthatch, at last, hooray. Please update my count to 38. (David Williams)

Hayle: My first Swift sighting of the year yesterday flying south over the house, always a pleasing sight.Total; 38 (Martin Lenney)

Constantine: Great Black-backed Gull today in field ploughed yesterday. That takes me to my half century – 50. (Tim Pinfield)

Information on taking part, Garden Listing Rules, Bubo and other bits:

Please email your running total to us at: We will be adding extra garden bits such as full sighting lists, daily lists, best bird of the day, comments and garden photographs etc to this page as we get sent them, please scroll down for the latest additions. Don’t worry if some have much better garden lists than yours – the main aim is to push your own list, hopefully see some interesting birds you wouldn’t have otherwise seen, and enjoy your garden birding this spring. Not everyone lives in their own ‘private nature reserve’, but with effort and luck who knows what you may see? We will also be compiling a Joint Cornwall Lockdown Garden List.

Garden listing ‘rules’: Essentially all birds seen or heard, in or from your garden.

  • All birds to be seen by the named observer only, in or from the garden (or house) – however distant.
  • Birds can be seen or heard. This includes flyovers (over the property or however distant).
  • Birds seen on the property or in the air space above count if you are not actually on the property yourself (such records tend to be rare).
  • Birds that you would have seen if you were there … but weren’t. These don’t count (Run to get inside the property boundaries if you have to if you see a distant Red Kite whilst returning from the shops).
  • Live wild birds only please (exotics, dead birds and sound-recorded only don’t count (although they can be interesting as a side note)).
  • Starting from the beginning of UK Lockdown, the 23rd March 2020 at 20:30 GMT 
  • Feral Pigeon counts as a species

You can add your list to Bubo listing.(useful for checking you haven’t missed anything or double-counted) – In ‘My Lists’ choose ‘Create List’, then ‘Cornwall Mainland’, ‘Yearlist 2020’, ‘BOU’, ‘Lockdown (COVID-19)’ as in the image to the right –  

The advantages of using Bubo to us are that we can easily get some stats on frequency of garden visitors and compile a combined list, and for you the user, advantages include being able to check you haven’t double counted or missed anything common off by using the round ‘target icon’ when viewing your list.

Don’t forget to submit any other bird sightings to the normal, use BTO Birdtrack and submit to CWT Erccis for other county wildlife sightings.

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