Garden Listing Tuesday 2nd June

Lostwithiel: Garden Warbler puts me up to 46. (Eddy Mayhew)

Constantine: Grey Wagtail moves me on to 61. There are three fledged young down at the nearby sewage treatment works, which is where this adult was heading for when it flew over at lunchtime. (David Collins)

Hayle: Been waiting a while to see Curlew, as I started the lockdown list a little late all I could find were Whimbrel but knew I would spot one soon enough. Up to 43 I go. (Martin Lenney)

June 1st

Hayle: A Great Spotted Woodpecker came to check out the vicinity today which brings me to 42. (Martin Lenney)

Gweek: 55 species at 31.05.20 (Martin Rule)

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