Garden Lockdown Listing

Cornwall Garden Listing Competition: Open to all – the birds and other wildlife are still out there, with spring truly on its way. See below for general rules and how to take part, the most important thing is to enjoy seeing nature closer to home. The table and posts are updated daily. Scroll down to read updates from the garden listers (click on bottom left corner to see older posts).

The April 19th Garden Bird Race Competition Results can be found Here . We will also be taking part in the weekly ‘Big Garden Sit’ 8 – 9:00 am every Saturday, and will hopefully have another Big Garden Day coming up.

RankUpdatedNameLocationSpecies TotalNotes
111/05Steve RogersMarazion100Coastal, rural and marsh views.
210/05Dave ParkerMarazion91Coastal location backing onto fields
319/05Dan BeadleCoverack68Bordering fields, sea in the distance
410/05Ilya MacleanPorthleven67Coastal sub-urban location backing onto fields
508/05Bob BosistoGluvian, St Columb Major66Inland, rural location
6=12/05Reuben VealCrowlas65Inland location backing onto fields
6=26/05Matt SouthamPraa Sands65Medium sized garden, backing onto Praa Sands
820/05Toby PhelpsFalmouth64Coastal, overlooking Falmouth Bay
9=20/05Phil BedfordMawgan62Rural village backing onto woodland
9=12/05Matt JordanFreathy62Sea view
1102/06David CollinsConstantine61Inland, rural location
1207/05Peter RoseveareTalskiddy60Inland, rural location
1326/05Greg WillsFalmouth58Urban location, with obstructed view of Swanpool
14=10/05Bruce TaggartMillbrook57Rural village edge, views
14=16/05Stu BearhopDevoran57Rural, overlooking river
1610/05Steve MayesMorvah56Farmland/moorland
17=12/05Derek JulianWadebridge55Urban, some views
17=28/05Tim PinfieldConstantine55Fringe of Woodland, view down a valley
17=31/05Martin RuleGweek55Inland, rural, farmland/wooded valley
20=22/05Andrew le MasurierTresillian53Inland woodland/farmland
20=03/06Phil McVeyLanlivery53Inland rural
22=16/05Andy BlondenPolbathic51Overlooking small creek
22=13/05Dan ChaneyMabe Burnthouse51Edge of village, small garden
24=11/05Tony WilsonCallestick49Inland woodland/farmland
24=18/05John MacadamLittle Kirland49Inland, rural
2616/05Geoff WhiteTrethurgy48Large garden, rural
27=27/04Brian MellowTruro47Inland, rural location
27=07/05Tony MillsPenzance47Small garden but with sea view
27=28/05Brian TomsChacewater47Surrounded by scrub moorland, stunted oaks and pasture
3002/06Eddy MayhewLostwithiel46Edge of small town
31=04/05Richard AugardeTruro45Urban location, some view over fields
31=24/05Chris and Janet DuffyDobwalls45Village edge, bordering fields & scrubby copse, open views
31=21/05Catherine LeeKuggar45Hamlet surrounded by farmland
34=10/05Lawrie SampsonTruro44Communal garden
34=15/05Neil BestSt Austell44Coastal, overlooking St Austell Bay
34=20/05David WilliamsIllogan44Small garden backing onto fields
37=04/05Gary HealeyCrowlas43Inland location with large garden
37=02/06Martin LenneyHayle43Small garden, views of scrub and Hayle estuary
37=03/06Bob NichollsTregidden43Hamlet with adjacent fields and streams
4003/06Jen BousfeldMiddlewood39Rural, edge of woodland
41=10/05Bec PennyFeock38Woodland garden
41=28/05Helen NortonSt Keverne38Medium garden, farmland
4326/05Pete WilkinsFoxhole37Centre of village, view of old clay pit
4423/04Clive RichardsGodolphin36Inland, rural location
45=10/05Ian Toogood-JohnsonTrewoon34Inland, edge of town
45=17/05Trevor NicholsonFlexbury, Bude34
4705/05Simon MarquisWadebridge33Inland, rural
4820/05 Nick PageDelabole31Edge of village, tiny garden.
4903/04Graham SykesSt Ives24Semi rural surrounded by Woodland

To take part: Please email your running total to us at: along with any other extras such as photos and your updates. For the full instructions, information on Bubo listing and general Garden Listing Rules please see the post >Here< (26th April’s post).You can be as competitive or not as you like – the main aim is to be motivated and enjoy your garden birding!

Garden Listing Wednesday 3rd June

Middlewood: Last #BigGardenSit list Saturday May 30th:
Blackbird, Blackcap, Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Carrion Crow, Chaffinch, Chiffchaff, Goldcrest, Goldfinch, Great Tit, Jackdaw, Magpie, Nuthatch, Pheasant, Robin, Siskin, Song Thrush, Woodpigeon, Wren.
Only Robin and Wren loudly defending territories. Blue & Great Tit fledglings calling constantly. The Song Thrush has finally quietened down but there was a new sound this morning… the traffic is back on the road below.
And for the Garden Lockdown Listing, please add Swallow, Swift and Kestrel to my list which now totals 39. (Jen Bousfield)


Lanlivery: Finally saw a Red Kite drifting East, bringing my total to 53. (Phil McVey)

Tregidden: New total 43 (Bob Nicholls)

Garden Listing Tuesday 2nd June

Lostwithiel: Garden Warbler puts me up to 46. (Eddy Mayhew)

Constantine: Grey Wagtail moves me on to 61. There are three fledged young down at the nearby sewage treatment works, which is where this adult was heading for when it flew over at lunchtime. (David Collins)

Hayle: Been waiting a while to see Curlew, as I started the lockdown list a little late all I could find were Whimbrel but knew I would spot one soon enough. Up to 43 I go. (Martin Lenney)

June 1st

Hayle: A Great Spotted Woodpecker came to check out the vicinity today which brings me to 42. (Martin Lenney)

Gweek: 55 species at 31.05.20 (Martin Rule)

BigGardenSit 30th May 2020

Results from the #BigGardenSit 08:00 – 09:00am:

28Tim PinfieldConstantineMistle Thrush, Green Woodpecker
28Dan BeadleCoverackSedge Warbler, no Great Tit
27Geoff WhiteTrethurgyRaven, Siskin
12Marianne PryorTywardreathLong-tailed Tit, Canada Goose
10Dan ChaneyMabe BurnthouseStarling

Combined list of 43 species:

Open images for full size, pause and scroll through.

Trethurgy: Still awaiting a Red Kite sighting but a recently fledged Wren family will certainly make up for it! (Geoff White)

Coverack: No Great Tit, quite a surprise! But plenty of fledglings – House Sparrow, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Dunnock and Blackbird are all feeding young and a new colony of House Martin has appeared across the road. (Dan Beadle)

Garden Listing Thursday 28th May

St Keverne: After a very long wait, at last another record! Red Kite (very low over). (Helen Norton)

Chacewater: Red Kite for 47 (Brian Toms)

Lanlivery: At last, Kestrel, probably the absence of a record so far is more to do with poor observer effort than lack of birds. Total = 52. (Phil McVey)

27th May

Constantine: For a few days now I have caught snatches of what sounded like a distant Garden Warbler. Early this afternoon I was convinced I could hear one singing across the valley. To confirm this I wandered over and confirmed that there is one on territory about 450m from my house. So the list moves on to a landmark 60. (David Collins)

Garden Listing Tuesday 26th May

Praa Sands: Nothing last week but today found myself awake at a very early hour so instead of lying in bed got up and sat out in the garden to listen to the start of the dawn chorus. Immediately heard female Tawny Owl, 65 species now. (Matt Southam)

25th May

Foxhole: Mistle Thrush = 37. (Pete Wilkins)

Falmouth: My garden list now stands at 58, an increase of 1 after a fly over House Martin. (Greg Wills)

BigGardenSit 23rd May 2020

Results from the #BigGardenSit 08:00 – 09:00am:

27Dan BeadleCoverackSedge Warbler, Willow Warbler
25Geoff WhiteTrethurgyWillow Tit, Green Woodpecker
23Tim PinfieldConstantineSkylark
23Andy BlondenPolbathicLittle Egret, Shelduck
20Jen BousfieldMiddlewoodSwallow, Bullfinch
17Dan ChaneyMabe BurnthouseStarling
8Marianne PryorTywardreathSwallow

Combined list of 47 species:

Open images for full size, pause and scroll through.

Middlewood: This morning’s soundscape dominated by Wren, Blackcap and Chiffchaff with the Song Thrush that woke me this morning re-joining us half way through! They were competing with the sound of a near gale blowing overhead from the west. New Blackbird and Song Thrush nests started; fledgling Great Tit, Chaffinch being fed and Chiffchaff eggs have hatched. (Jen Bousfield)

Garden Listing Sunday 24th May

Dobwalls: At last, number 45 – House Martin, first of the year for us over the garden. (Chris and Janet Duffy)

Chacewater: Now up to 46, Cuckoo and Meadow Pipit added (Brian Toms)

Lanlivery: Tree Pipit singing and displaying all day and my first Sparrowhawk. Siskin heard next door. Total = 51. (Phil McVey)

22nd May

Tresillian: Total now 53 (Kingfisher added). (Andrew le Masurier)

21st May

Lostwithiel: At last, Greenfinch perched on the composter! That puts me up to 45. (Eddy Mayhew)