Goldcrest song

Can you hear Goldcrest song?
I am following up Richard Porter’s comments in British Birds 105(3):152 and gathering data on the age-related loss in the ability to hear Goldcrest song. I have close to 300 responses so far but need more data to fill in gaps in the data.
Please help: I need just your gender, age and whether or not you can hear Goldcrest song. You can let me know to or if you prefer to Oakerley, Clun Road, Aston on Clun, Shropshire SY7 8EW. Thank you.
I try to reply personally to every submission but if I receive too many replies to this, being sent to every county in Britain, I may not be able to keep up so my apologies now if I don’t get back to you with thanks.
The results will appear later this year in British Birds and online at
John Tucker,

John Tucker, Shropshire

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