Lockdown Listing Monday 11th May

Chacewater: Now up to 45, additions; 42. Swift, 43. House Sparrow, 44.Common Whitethroat (Brian Toms)

Marazion: Updated 11th May – 100 species. Recent additions from the garden include Marsh Harrier, Pomarine Skua, Yellow Wagtail, Storm Petrel, Bonxie, Balearic Shearwater, Tufted Duck, Garganey and Puffin. Feral Pigeon also added as its part of the criteria! (Steve Rogers)

Constantine: Since I have been in my seventies my eyesight has not been what it used to be and I am having difficulty in picking up little black dots in the sky. Luckily I have a brilliant visual aid. it’s called Sarah and we have been married for forty four years.Here is a photo of the little black dot she found for me today. New for my lockdown list (now 54) and new for my house, where we have been since 1977. (Tim Pinfield)

Mawgan: A flock of Black-tailed Godwit over this morning for 61. (Phil Bedford)

Callestick: Finally a couple of Swifts today (while watching another Kite) so up to 49 (Tony Wilson)

Coverack: 64 species now, Hobby added this evening. (Dan Beadle)

Illogan: No prize for guessing what my extra bird for today was. Yes it was Red Kite. Now up to 43. I had three over my Illogan garden at 11:45 and another around 14:50. All were flying approximately in a NNW direction and If they carried on would have reached the north coast round about Portreath. I was busy painting my utility room today so could have missed many more. Good luck dealing with all the records! (David Williams)

Mabe Burnthouse: Another addition today, although surprisingly hard work – spent half of yesterday in the garden, but with limited sky views, a broken scope and being called on for various inside domestic jobs it wasn’t until mid-morning today that I finally added Red Kite to the list – but even then it was only fleeting rear end views of a bird disappearing off north-east at roof top level! Still … an addition is an addition. Up to 49 for the lockdown list …Blue Tits nesting in the wall near the bedroom window and first Peregrine and Raven for a while too. (Dan Chaney)

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