Lower Tamar Lake Feeders

Birders/photographers are requested to please keep the car park free of feeders. I moved my feeders from the car park as there are cats at the adjacent cottage which were causing a problem. The last thing we want to see is a Willow Tit being carried off by a cat. I have a Nyger feeder there which shouldn’t cause a problem.

Feeders have been positioned around the lake at 3 locations, all of which have Willow and Marsh Tit feeding from:

Feeder 1.

Out of the car park left towards the hide, just before the stock pond on the left you will see where I have walked into the scrub on the left, from the path you will be able to see three feeders on a Hazel tree.

Feeder 2.

From the car park cross the mud dam then cross the pedestrian bridge over the weir, turn left and follow the path until you reach a small grassy area, keep left and about half way down look right and there are three feeders in the scrub.

Feeder 3.

Again cross the pedestrian bridge and then turn right, turn left at the start of the Aqua trail 30mtrs along there is an old sluice gate then a telegraph pole in the bank, the path in on the right can be seen, again there are three feeders.

The hide feeders are unchanged.

I hope this is clear, all three feeder stations are working well, I top up the feed about every three days, but if a group are going to visit I can top up the day before.

Thanks, Rod Mudge, October 2019