May Bird Race – Saturday May 5th 2018


May 5th Cornwall Bird Race

Get out and about on your local patch or favourite sites for what will hopefully become a regular fixture on the Cornwall Birding Calendar.

Run on similar lines to the January 1st Race, this is an informal birdrace (no prizes this time), with the challenge to see how many species you can record (see or hear) in the 24 hr period  between 00:01 and 23:59 on the 5th May.

Basically you can tailor the day to suit yourself –

A) Patch

B) Local Area

C) County

You can also choose to do wholly ‘Green’ or do a ‘Garden List’. If entering as a team (no compunction to do so, but it would be interesting if teams did enter, plus ‘better’ for the environment to car-share), general rules are that a majority of the team (eg 3 out of 4) has to record the bird.

No Playback please, and observe the Countryside Code and Birders Code as laid out on the society homepage.

To make this as friendly and open to all, we request that all ‘good’ birds of county rarity status and above are reported (ie no suppression). RBA, Birdguides or twitter can be used, and generally speaking birds should be reported as convenient if signal is available (usually immediately, or within the hour).

To counter, sensitive species in breeding habitat such as Nightjar should not be reported – this is a bit tricky, but we will hopefully post up a list of relevant species soon.

‘Green’ birding is the way forward, see the Patchwork Challenge blog for more details.

Creating a new list on bubo. Choose the options circles in red once you’ve signed into bubo – take care to choose ‘Cornwall mainland’ as the other option includes the Scillies. List type should be ‘Green: non-motorised’ for green or garden or ‘All records’ for non-green.

Keeping track of your list – one good way is to enter lists on Bubo listing . You will need to sign in to start creating lists. (Go to ‘Create lists’ then choose or type in ‘Cornwall Mainland’ for location and choose ‘Year List’ ‘2018’, then you can start entering your records.) One nice function on bubo is the ‘target’ function whereby you can see which species have been encountered by others, as well as seeing their lists and a cumulative total list.

Complete lists should also be entered to Birdtrack, the BTO UK bird-recording scheme, although there are issues with sharing and seeing others’ information on the day, hence the suggestion of listing on bubo above. It would also be great if participants can keep an eye out for ‘evidence of breeding’ behaviour’ for birds seen on the day to make the day even more useful for information gathering (more to follow).

Open to all, CBWPS members or not.

If you can register your intent to take part by emailing ‘‘ I can get a table sorted to list entries. Required information: Name, Type (A, B or C), Start Location, and detail whether Green or Garden and we can then enter species totals when done. Or you can just contact on the day when you tell us your total and highlights.

Kudos to those who do well, or even just take part.

Good birding and good luck.