We welcome all photographs of birds taken in Cornwall. They don’t have to be high quality, just interesting, evocative or gripping! Please send them to webmaster@cbwps.org.uk

Lesser Redpol, 25/12/2011, Walmsley Sanctuary (Bob Mitchell)Chough, 25/12/2011, Southerly Point (Chris Gleaves)
Oystercatcher,02/12/20121(Derek Denniss)Goldeneye, 10/12/2011, Walmsley Sanctuary (Bob Mitchell)Great Northern Diver, 18/12/2011, Carnsew Pool (Bob Sharples)
Herring Gull 22/11/2011 (Paul Whittick)Mediterranean Gull, 23/11/2011, Hannafore Point (David King)Red Phalarope 26/11/2011, Seaton (Barry Rankine)
Little Gull 10/11/2011, Par Beach Pool (Nigel Climpson)Comon Cranes 13/11/2011 St. Issey (Adrian Langdon)Greenshank 14/11/2011 China Fleet Club (Bob Mitchell)
Bufflehead, 270/10/2011, The Lizard (Chris Gleaves)Desert Wheatear, 10/11/2011, Nanjizal Valley, (Barry Rankine)Common Crane, 10/11/2011, Nanjizal Valley (Barry Rankine)
Rose-coloured Starling 20/10/2011 Davidstow Airfield (Barry Rankine)Water Rail 20/10/2011 Walmsley Sanctuary (Colin Seager)Red-breasted Flycatcher 21/10/2011 Kenidjack Valley (Barry Rankine)
Glossy Ibis 12/10/2011 Stithians Reservoir (Sam Williams)Great Egret 13/10/2011 Walmsley Sanctuary (Lesley Mitchell)Wryneck 16/10/2011 Davidstow (Adrian Davey)
Snow Bunting 08/10/2011 Davidstow Airfield (Bob Mitchell)Long-billed Dowitcher 08/10/2011 Davidstow Airfield (Adrian Davey)Great Egret 11/10/2011 Walmsley Sanctuary (Bob Mitchell)
Pectoral Sandpiper 24/09/2011 Tregiffian (Sam Williams)Spotted and Common Redshank 25/09/2011 Wadebridge (Paul Whittick)Pectoral Sandpiper 01/10/2011 Davidstow Airfield (Adrian Davey)
Golden Plover 21/09/2011 Davidstow Airfield (Lesley Mitchell)
Long-Billed Dowitcher 23/09/2011 Stithians Reservoir (Barry Rankine)Guillemot 23/09/2011 Penzance Harbour(Anthony Miners)
Lesser Yellowlegs 14/09/2011 Drift Reservoir (Sam Williams)Great Skua 19/09/2011 Pendeen Watch (Sam Williams)Choughs 19/09/2011 Between Padstow and Newquay (Colin Seager)
Buff Breasted Sandpiper 13/09/2011 Davidstow Airfield (Derek Dennis)Sabine's Gull 13/09/2011 Wadebridge (Nigel Climpson)Curlew Sandpiper 13/09/2011 Davidstow Airfield (Bob Mitchell)
Sabine's Gull 24/08/2011 Tolcarne (Graham Hobin)Kestrel 25/08/2011 Trevose (Lesley Mitchell)Kingfisher 25/08/2011 Par Beach Pool (Mark Whittaker)
Turtle Dove 13/08/2011 Drift Reservoir (Barry Rankine)Ruff 18/08/2011 Drift Reservoir (Sam Williams)Western Bonelli's Warbler 21/08/2011 Bosistow (Sam Williams)
Kingfisher 06/08/2011 Treraven Meadows (Nigel Climpson)Spotted Flycatchers 08/08/2011  (Bob Mitchell)Green Woodpecker 12/08/2011 Heligan (Bob Mitchell)
Hobby 14/06/2011 Walmsley Sanctuary (Lesley Mitchell)Juvenile Whitethroat 09/07/2011 The Dodman (Nigel Climpson)I know it's not a bird! 14/07/2011 Walmsley Sanctuary (Lesley Mitchell)
Temminck's Stint 13/05/2011 Ryans Field, Hayle (Sam Williams)Juvenile Magpie 30/05/2011 Heligan (Lesley Mitchell)Rose Coloured Starling 02/06/2011 Treen (D. Griffiths)