We welcome all photographs of birds taken in Cornwall. They don’t have to be high quality, just interesting, evocative or gripping! Please send them to webmaster@cbwps.org.uk


JStLedger_GreyPhalarope_291213 RNicholls_GlossyIbis_271213 DC7E7522
Grey Phalarope, 29/12/13, Falmouth, (J. St Ledger)  Glossy Ibis, 27/12/13, Tregony Bridge,(R&R Nicholls)  Black Redstart, 21/12/13, Penzance, (R. Farnes)
SONY DSC MGrantham_YBWarbler_171213 RFarnes_Bittern3_171213
 Firecrest, 20/12/13, Gunwalloe, (S. Bury)  M. Grantham, 17/12/14, Ponsanooth Sewage Works, (M. Grantham) Bittern, 17/12/13, Marazion Marsh, (R. Farnes)
DMays_Rose-colouredStarling_131213 JRhysBowen_Bittern_091213 WCastle_Kestrel_091213
 Rose-coloured Starling, 13/12/13, Long Rock, (D. Mays)  Bittern, 09/12/13, Par Beach Pool, (J, Rhys-Bowen)  Kestrel, 09/12/13, The Roseland, (R. Castillo-Nicholls)
SMaycock_GreyPlover_081213 American Golden Plover Zennen 29th Nov 2013 (2) ADML4818(1024)
 Grey Plover, 08/12/13, Hayle Estuary, (S. Maycock)  American Golden Plover, 29/11/13, Sennen, (B. Rankine)  Bottlenose Dolphin, 26/11/13, Tolcarne, (M. Spicer)
DSC_0566a _BSP0352cbwps Balearic Shearwater
 Siberian Chiffchaff, 26/11/13, Ponsanooth, (M. Grantham)  Sparrowhawk, 26/11/13, Marazion Marsh, (B. Sharples)  Kittiwake and Balearic Shearwater, 25/11/13, Scillonian Crossing, (P. Semmens)
_BSP0239 _BSP0212.cbwpsjpg JStLedger_Pacific+Black-throated_181113
Northern Harrier, 23/11/13, Men an Tol, (Bob Sharples)  Grey Heron, 23/11/13, Marazion Marsh, (Bob Sharples)  Pacific Diver with Black-throated Divers, 18/11/13, Gerrans Bay,(J, St Ledger)
SRogers_Mandarin_131113 CSelway_GreySeal_271013 CSelway_LeatherbackTurtle_291013
 Mandarin Duck, 13/11/13. Tresemple Pool, (S. Rogers)  Grey Seal with Lesser Octopus, 27/11/13, Rumps point, (Colin Selway)  Leatherback Turtle29/11/03, Rumps point, (Colin Selway)
CSelway_SurfScoter2_031113 Snow Bunting Falmouth 3rd Nov 2013 greenshank
 Surf Scoter, 03/11/13, Rumps point, (Colin Selway)  Snow Bunting, 03/11/13, Pendennis Point, (J. St Ledger)  Greenshank, 02/11/13, Hayle Estuary, (S. Maycock)
DC7E5134 Hermit 1 DSC_5826
 Barnacle Geese, 31/10/13, Hayle Estuary, (R. Farnes)  Hermit Thrush, 29/10/13, Porthgwarra, (B. Field)  Great Northern Diver, 27/10/13, Marazion Marsh, (S. Williams)
Arctic Tern Ruff Hayle 26th Oct 2013 Whooper Swan Hayle 26th Oct 2013
 Arctic Tern, 27/10/13. Hayle Estuary, (A. Mckecknie)  Ruff, 26/10/13, Hayle Estuary, (C. Hutchings)   Whooper Swan, 26/10/13, Hayle Estuary, (C. Hutchings)
BSharples_HenHarrier_231013 BSharples_SEOwl_231013 PStidwill_RingOuzel1_201013
 Hen Harrier, 23/10/13, Men an Tol, (B. Sharples)   Short-eared Owl, 23/10/13, Men an Tol, (B. Sharples)  Ring Ouzels, 20/10/13, Rame Head, (P.Stidwill)
TMills_SnowBunting_201013 Rose-coloured Starling Penzance 17th Oct 2013 RBF-copy
 Snow Bunting,20/10/13, Newlyn, (T. Mills)  Rose-coloured Starling, 17/10/13, long Rock, (J. St Ledger)  Red-breasted Flycatcher, 16/10/13, Cot Valley, (A, Mckechnie)
_YWagtail1 skua1 Whooper Swan Par pool (1)
 Yellow Wagtail, 11/10/13, Nanquidno, (A. Hartley)  Arctic Skua chasing Gull, 13/10/13, Pendeen, (S. Maycock)  Whooper Swan, 14/10/13, Par beach pool, (J. Sleep)
turtledove1 RFarnes_Ruff1_111013 BSharples_Osprey_101013
  Turtle Dove, 12/10/13, Bass Point, (I Maclean)  Ruff, 11/10/14,Hayle Estuary, (R. Farnes)  Osprey, 10/10/13, Cansew Basin, (B. Sharples)
Isabelline Shrike, Pendeen, B. Field BField_MelodiousWarbler1_031013 Black-winged stilt juv. DSC_5147 - Copy
Daurian Shrike, 04/10/13, Pendeen, (B. Field) Melodius Warbler, 03/10/13, Porthgwarra, (B. Field) Black-winged Stilt, 29/09/13, Hayle Estuary, (F. Rice)
Red-necked Grebe Siblyback Cornwall 280313 N Climpson TMills_Cettis Warbler_250913 SMaycock_CurlewSandpiper_220913
Red-necked Grebe, 26/09/13, lower Tamar Lake, (A. Davey) Cetti’s Warbler,25/09/13, Marazion Marsh, (T. Mills) Curlew Sandpiper, 22/09/13, Marazion Marsh (S. Maycock)
ADavey_Merlin _160913 ADavey_Dotterel_160913 SMaycock_BNGrebe_150913
Merlin, 16/09/13, Davidstowe Airfield, (A. Davey) Dotterel, 16/09/13, Davidstowe Airfield, (A. Davey) Black-necked Grebe, 15/09/13, Drift Reservoir, (S. Maycock)
MAhmad_AmGoldPlover2_100913 MAhmad_SemiPSand_070913 Black-Tern-1-copy
 American Golden Plover, 10/09/13, Sennen, (M Ahmad)  Semi-palmated Sandpiper, 07/09/13, Long Rock, (M Ahmad)  Black Tern, 31/08/13, Argal Reservoir), (A. Mckechnie) 
Black tern DSC_4706 - Copy Buff-breasted-Sandpiper_ANL_4227 WryneckAug13
Black Tern, 29/08/13, Argal Reservoir), (F. Rice)   Buff-breasted Sandpiper, 27/08/13, Davidstow Airfield, (A. Langdon)  Wryneck, 27/08/13, Predannack, (A. Pay)
osp1_800x600 whinchat-27-8-13-rd-cs Marsh-Harrier Walmsley Sanctuay Cornwall 260813 A Langdon
 Osprey, 27/08/13, Carnsew Basin, (S. Maycock) Whinchat, 27/08/13, Rosenannon Downs, (C. Selway) Marsh Harrier, 26/08/13, Walmsley Sanctuary, (A. Langdon)
Golden Plover, Daavodstowe Airfield, Cornwall, 24-08-2013, A Davey MAhmad_CitrineWagtail_230813 SMaycock_Greenshank1_220813
 Golden Plover, 24/08/13/ Davidstowe Airfield, (A. Davey)  Citrine Wagtail, 23/08/13, Marazion Marsh, (P. Semmens)  Green Sandpiper, 22/08/13, Drift reservoir
AMckechnie_LittleStint_200813 SMaycock_Kingfisher_160813 PSemmens_BalearicShearwater_030813
Little Stint, 20/08/13, Hayle Estuary, (A. Mckecnnie) Kingfisher, 16/08/13, Drift Reservoir, (S. Maycock)  Balearic Shearwater, 03/08/13, Penzance Pelagic, (M. Elliot)
PSemmens_StormPetrel2_030813 MElliot_GreatShearwater_270713 JStLedger_WoodSandpiper_280713
 Storm Petrel, 03/08/13, Penzance Pelagic, (M. Spicer)  Great Shearwater, 28/07/13, Penzance Pelagic, (M. Elliot)  Wood Sandpiper, 28/07/13, Stithians Reservoir, (J. St Ledger)
TSmith_CHOUGH 067_210713 Little Ringed Plover 2 Par Cornwall 170713 N Climpson SBury_Crossbill_160713
 Choughs, 22/07/13, The Lizard, (T. Smith)  Little Ringed Plover, 17/07/13, Par Beach pool, (N. Climpson)  Crossbill, 16/07/13, Croft Pascoe, (s. Bury)
Green Woodpecker Penryn Cemetery 3rd July 2013 Peregrine 13 copy IMG_4167
Green Woodpecker, 03/07/13, Penryn, (J. St Ledger) Peregrine, 01/07/13, West Penwith Turtle Dove, 30/06,13, Porthallow, (M. Spicer)
Cuckoo juv. IMG_0050 IMG_4138
 Cuckoo, 25/06/13, men an Tol, (R.Farnes)  Woodchat, 19/06/13, Sennen Cove, (M.Spicer)  Black Swan, 18/06/13, Hayle Estuary, (M. Spicer)
Red Kite Men-an-Tol 6th June 2013 (2) Tree-Pipit Red Kites Towednack Cornwall 3613 A Holmes
Red Kite,06/06/13, West Penwith, (J. St Ledger)  Tree Pipit, 04/06/13, Halvanna, (A. Mckechnie)  Red Kite, 03/06/13, Halsetown, (A. Holmes)
Black-tailed Godwit Windmill Farm Cornwall 30513 D Wright Cuckoo Bodmin Moor Cornwall 29513 B Mellow Whinchat Bodmin Moor Cornwall 26513 A Mckechnie
 Black-tailed Godwit, 30/05/13, Windmill Farm, (D. Wright)  Cuckoo, 29/05/13, Bodmin Moor, (B. Mellow)  Whinchat, 28/05/13, Bodmin Moor, (A. Mckechnie)
Purple Heron 1 Marazion Cornwall 20513 S Rogers Bonaparte's Gull Siblyback Lake Cornwall 15513 M Beer Risso's Dolphin Mounts Bay Cornwall 16513 S Maycock
 Purple Heron, 20/05/13, Marazion Marsh, (S. Rogers)  Bonaparte’s Gull, 15/05/13, Siblyback Lake, (M. Beer)  Risso’s Dolphin, 16/05/13, Mount’s Bay, (S. Maycock)
Long-tailed Duck at Stithians Cornwall 16th May 2013 J St Ledger Sandwich Tern Penzance Cornwall 15513 S Maycock Garganey Tehidy Cornwall 15513 R Daddow
 Long-tailed Duck, 16/05/13, Stithians Reservoir, (J. St Ledger)  Sandwich Tern, 15/05/13, Wherrytown, (S. Maycock)  Garganey, 15/05/13, Tehidy Woods, (R. Daddow)
Scaup female at Walmsley Sanctuary Cornwall 13th May 2013 J St Ledger Garganey Helston Cornwall 12513 K Jones Spotted Sandpiper Wadebridge Cornwall 12513 S Rogers
 Scaup, 13/05/13, Walmsley Sanctuary, (J. St. Ledger)  Garganey, 12/05/13, Helston Boating Lake, (K. Jones)  Spotted Sandpiper, 12/05/13, Camel Estuary, (M. Spicer)
Tawny Owl chicks Falmouth Cornwall 8513 S Perfect Squacco Heron 2 Lanreath Cornwall 8513 Woodchat Penlee Cornwall 7513 P Semmens
 Tawny Owl chicks, 09/05/13, Undisclosed location  Squacco Heron, 08/05/13, Lanreath  Woodchat, 07/05/13, Penlee Quarry, (P. Semmens)
Grasshopper Warbler Men-an-Tol Cornwall 6513 A Mckechnie Grasshopper Warbler Goonhilly Downs Cornwall 6513 S Bury Siskin St Clements Cornwall 5th May 2013 J St Ledger
 Grasshopper Warbler, Men an Tol, (A. Mckechnie)  Grasshopper Warbler, 06/05/13, Goonhilly Downs, (S. Bury)  Siskin, 05/05/13, St. Clements, (J. St Ledger)
Lesser Yellowlegs Marazion Cornwall 2513 S Williams Marsh Harrier Marazion Cornwall 29413 B Sharples  Greylag family Marazion Cornwall 300413 R Farnes
 Lesser Yellowlegs, 02/05/13, Marazion, (S. Williams)  Marsh Harrier, 29/04/13, Marazion, (B. Sharples) Grelay Geese and Goslings, 30/04/13, Marazion Marsh, (R. Farnes)
Woodchat Lizard Cornwall 30413 S Bury Yellowhammer Treen Cornwall 30413 A Mckechnie Blue-Headed Wagtail Land's End Cornwall 29413 R Farnes
Woodchat, 30/04/13, Lizard, (S. Bury)  Yellowhammer, 30/04/13, Treen, (A. Mckechnie)  Blue-headed Wagtail, 29/04/13, Land’s End, (R. Farnes)
Sparrowhawk 28/04/2013 Falmouth (B. Nicholas)Grasshopper Warbler 28/04/2013 Windmill Farm (D. Wright)Eider, Seahouses (Not Cornwall but too good to miss) 24/04/2013 (D. Cole)
Iberian Chiffchaff 20/04/2013 Soap Cove (T. Blunden)Stoat 24/04/2013 Walmsley Sanctuary (B. Mitchell)Sedge Warbler 27/04/2013 Marazion Marsh (S. Maycock)
Woodchat Shrike 15/04/2013 Kenidjack (T. Mills)White Stork 14/04/2013 Portscatho (J. Harris)Swallow 17/04/2013 Tregeseal (S. Williams)
Cormorants 31/03/2013 Hell's Mouth (A. Miners)Ring Ouzel 09/04/2013 Buttermilk Hill (P. Tongue)Green Sandpiper 08/04/2013 Par Beach Pool (N. Climpson)
Common Scoter 02/04/2013 Swanpool (R. Farnes)Garganey 02/04/2013 Marazion Marsh (R. Farnes)Iceland Gull 27/03/2013 Helston (M. Ahmad)
Wheatear 30/03/3013 Davidstow Airfield (J, St Ledger)Little Ringed Plover 01/04//2013 St. Gothian Sands (Sam Williams)Osprey 02/04/2013 Camel Estuary (Dave Thomas)
Red-necked Grebe 24/03/2013 Siblyback Lake (B. Rankine)Lesser Scaup 24/03/2013 Siblyback Lake (B. Rankine)Sand Martin 25/03/2013 Par Beach Pool (N. Climpson)
Adder 14/03/2013 Marazion Marsh (Bob Sharples)Greylag Geese 18/03/2013 Marazion Marsh (Jane Witts)Great Spotted Woodpecker 24/03/2013 Lerryn (J. Parfitt)
Grey Heron, 14/01/13, Marazion Marsh, (Terry Smith)Chough 17/02/13 Godrevy (Adrian Langdon)Spoonbill 13/03/2013 Walmsley Sanctuary (Adrian Langdon)
Goldeneye 08/03/2013 Stithians (F. Rice)Adder 09/03/2013 Marazion Marsh (R.Farnes)Short-eared Owl 12/03/2013 Men-An-Tol (Bob Sharples)
Spotted Redshank 25/02/2013 Tresillian River (N. Climpson)Whooper Swan 25/02/2013 Croft Pascoe (A. Hartley)Glaucous Gull 02/03/2013 Marazion (M Ahmad)
Moorhens 12/02/2013 Marazion Marsh (Bob Sharoles)Water Pipit 17/02/2013 Copperhouse Creek (T. Mills)Fieldfare 19/02/2013 Lanyon Farm (R. Farnes)
Iceland Gull 04/02/2013 Rumps Point (C. Selway)Sparrowhawk 08/02/2013 Marazion Marsh (S. Maycock)Firecrest 11/02/2013 Gunwalloe (S. Bury)
Common Tern 24/01/2013 Hayle Estuary (C. Selway)Goosander 30/01/2013 St. Andrews Road Pool (N. Climpson)Stoat 31/01/2013 Marazion Marsh (Bob Sharples)
Green-winged Teal 23/01/2013 Bude Marshes (A. Davey)Lapland Bunting 23/01/2013 Treen Common (A.McKechnie)Bittern 23/01/2013 Marazion Marsh (R. Farnes)
Turtle Dove 16/01/2013 Connor Downs (L. Spence)Whooper Swan 20/01/2013 Helston (Kate Jones)Ring-billed Gull 21/01/13 Bude Canal (C, Selway)
Short-eared Owl 01/01/2013 Men-An-Tol (T. Mills)Black-necked Grebe 01/01/2013 Newlyn Harbour (T. Mills)Siberian Chiffchaff 04/01/2013 Kenidjack (R.Farnes)