County Listing 2018

For Green listing (foot, or non-motorised) see the Green Challenge 2018 on the main listing page – Listing 2018

For more complete listing (ie full lists) please see or use eg Bubo listing. (It is suggested that listers maintain a list in ‘Mainland Cornwall, 2018, BOU section; benefits include being able to check your own list for errors,as well as seeing target species). Lists should follow equivalent BOU taxonomy (whatever it is these days) and are for mainland Cornwall only (not Scillies). Bird records should also be sent to us at the county bird club and to Birdtrack.

(To add your list or post updates please contact – with information as per the format below)

Rank Name TotalUpdatedNotesHighlights
1 Pete Roseveare25027th DecFea's & Trindade Petrel
2Dave Parker24230th Dec
-Bob Bosisto24230th Dec
4Brian Mellow23124th Dec
5Richard Augarde23023rd Dec
-Reuben Veal23030th DecFea's & Trindade Petrel
7Tony Mills16227th April
8 Derek Julian1613rd March
9Peter Maker16025th NovGreen - foot/cycle
10Paul Freestone15830th April
11 Dan Chaney14810th NovCorncrake, 3x Autumn YBW, GWE etc
12 Stephen Jackson10920th Jan
13Dan Chaney1024th FebGreen - footYB Warbler, Glaucous Gull
- Reuben Veal10223rd JuneGreen - cycling
15Carol Hughes919th Nov
16 Carol Hughes8617th OctGreen
17Suzi Dyke8518th Nov
18Andy&Trish Blonden5615th FebGarden
19 Clive Richards4811th AprilGreen

General ‘Guidelines’ –

i) Both sight and ‘heard only’ records can be included. ii) Based on personal honesty – records do not have to be ratified by others. But it helps for rarities etc. iii) Mainland Cornwall, including short distance pelagics offshore iv) Rules are to serve only as guidelines (if comparing to others’ lists however it makes sense for similar criteria to be used for comparison.) v) Feral Pigeon counts as one species (as Rock Dove on eg bubo). vi) You can have more than one list – County, Green and Garden can all be held separately. If there are enough in the last categories we may publish a separate table for them. vii) Patch lists can also be hosted here vii) Subject to ratification rarities can also be included.viii) CBWPS Listing hold no responsibility for any damage or upset to persons.