County Listing 2019

The ‘winner’ of the Annual Yearlisting Challenge, as agreed upon by a committee comprising no less than 4 sensible persons, will be duly awarded the ‘Roseveare Challenge Cup’ in recognition of their services to County Listing.

The Cornwall County List 2019 can be found Here (All species recorded in the county so far this year.)

1Peter Roseveare25231st Dec
2Bob Bosisto24531st Dec
3Reuben Veal23531st Dec
4Brian Mellow23231st Dec
5Royston Wilkins22815th Nov
6Dave Parker 22531st Dec
7Richard Augarde22423rd Nov
8Matt Doyle22010th Dec
9Toby Phelps21719th Nov
10Daniel Eva21625th Dec
11Liam Langley2049th Dec

Taking Part

For more complete listing (ie full lists) please see or use Bubo listing. (It is suggested that listers maintain a list in ‘Mainland Cornwall, 2019, BOU section; benefits include being able to check your own list for errors,as well as seeing target species and making it easy for us to automatically update the table below). Lists should follow equivalent BOU taxonomy and are for mainland Cornwall only (not Scillies). All bird records should also be sent to us at the county bird club and to Birdtrack. Listing can be a great motivational tool and means for getting out and becoming a better birder.

(To add your list or post updates please contact – with information as per the above general format, ie name, species total and date)

General ‘Guidelines’ 

  • i) Both sight and ‘heard only’ records can be included.
  • ii) Based on personal honesty – records do not have to be ratified by others. But it does help for rarities etc.
  • iii) Mainland Cornwall, including short distance pelagics offshore.
  • iv) Rules are to serve only as guidelines (if comparing to others’ lists however it makes sense for similar criteria to be used for comparison.)
  • v) You can have more than one list – eg County, Patch, Green and Garden can all be held separately. If there are enough in the last categories we may publish a separate table for them.
  • vi)  Unratified Rarities can be included – although a note should be added if there is likely to be any controversy.  A good guide to what is acceptable will be what appears on the Daily Sightings website page.
  • vii) CBWPS Cornwall Birds Listing holds no responsibility for any damage or upset to persons.
  • viii) This is meant to be a serious challenge if you want it to be … yet fun.

Enjoy your birding year!


Creating a New List on bubo – which boxes to enter. Choose No for ‘include rarities’ when setting up initially (easy to add rarities later as they occur); for Green lists in ‘list type’ choose ‘non-motorised’ for preference (covers both foot and cycling/kayak etc). Click on image to the left to expand view.

You can also create new lists from pre-existing lists by using the ‘copy from existing list’ as opposed to ‘create from scratch’ function – useful time saver if running lists in more than one category in any one year (eg green, county and national).


‘Debatable’ species guidelines:

These guidelines are supplied to help determine whether some ‘borderline’ Category C/Feral species are generally ‘allowable’  in the above listing competition.These are to serve as guidelines, but it is helpful if all can keep to the same general principles, if lists are to be compared like with like. (For your own list, outside this competition, of course it is up to you what/how you count things.) Generally –

  • Pheasant – yes
  • Red-legged Partridge – yes (as long as no evidence of just having been released)
  • Grey Partridge – yes (as long as no evidence of having just been released)
  • Egyptian Goose – yes
  • Greylag Goose – yes, but not farmyard types/other hybrids
  • Mandarin Duck – yes as long as it’s not clearly from a collection (wing-clipped, white-colour morph for example)
  • Barnacle Goose – yes
  • Ferruginous Duck – not the resident Helston one, others that turn up to be assessed as and when
  • Feral Pigeon – yes (as eg Rock Dove on bubo) but no racing pigeons
  • Muscovy Duck – no
  • Other exotics, not on the British list – no

Of course, exceptions will occur – any waterfowl showing obvious signs of captivity/abnormal tameness should not be counted. New contentious species will be added as they occur in Cornwall/occur to us!