WeBS 2017

The Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) is the monitoring scheme for non-breeding water birds in the UK, which aims to provide the principal data for the conservation of their populations and wetland habitats

The UK is of outstanding international importance for water birds. Lying on some of the major flyways for Arctic-nesting species, large numbers of water birds are attracted, especially during winter, by the relatively mild climate and extensive areas of wetland, notably estuaries. The UK thus has both moral and legal obligations to conserve both these water birds and the wetlands upon which they depend.

Cornwall has a number of locations that require counters and it is hoped that we can recruit willing volunteers to fill some of these important voids. The areas that currently need filling are as follows:

Helford Complex: This area is a particular priority due to its international importance in the winter months when several species winter here in significant numbers. Currently we are in need of counters at Gweek, Helford Passage, Mawgan Creek, Men-aver Beach, Treath and Tremayne Quay. **Also – Man-aver Beach and Treath**

Par Area: Whilst not as critical as the above locations this is still an important site for wintering species.

There are also a number of smaller locations that would be ideal for anybody local who could give up a small amount of time once a month to go birding! These areas are listed below:

Bussow Reservoir

Cargenwen Reservoirs and Clowance Pool

Crafthole Reservoir

Gunwalloe Marsh

Harlyn Pools

Mawgan Porth

Merther Pond

Rejarrah Pools

Relubbus Pools

Retallick Lakes Retallick Pools

St Erth Pools

**Additionally –
Outer Carrick Roads and the Rivel Fal
Eastern Green and St Micheals Mount in Mounts Bay.
Potnalder Bay and Whitsand Bay 
Section of the Tamar between St Germans and Antony.
Amble Marshes (Walmsley)** 

For more information on the survey please take a look on the BTO website here: www.bto.org/volunteer-surveys/webs and vacant sites can be viewed here: https://app.bto.org/websonline/sites/vacant/vacant-sites.jsp#region=16

If you are interested in counting at any of the sites listed please contact me via e-mail at peterroseveare@yahoo.com or phone me on 07955216836.

Thankyou, Peter Roseveare, Cornwall BTO WeBS Organiser