Guidelines for submissions

Guidelines for submissions of News and Images to CBWPS. 

News appearing on the Cornwall Birds website has not been verified by CBWPS. Inclusion does not imply acceptance as an official record, or agreement with the identification. 

News: We welcome submission of all bird news from anyone, CBWPS member or not. However, to make the task of updating the news page easier each night we would prefer submissions to be in the following format so that we can just copy/paste into the website page. 

Location: x Bird One, xx Bird Two and xxx Bird Three. (A Name) 

eg Swanpool: 3 Teal, 4 Black-headed Gull and 1 Water Rail. (J Smith)

*Breeding Season Records* – From mid-March to the end of the breeding season (generally end of July, but species-specific) on we will not be publishing specific news of Sensitive and Schedule 1 Breeding Birds on the news page. This includes most raptors, except where obvious migrants, Chough etc and other specific birds which may be nesting in places prone to excessive disturbance. Common sense applies – the welfare of the birds comes first.

We would still very much like all records of all species however, including photographs where appropriate, for the ornithological county record, BiC, and daily/weekly summaries, even if the news is not specifically published on the day.

Photographs: Firstly please accept that this news page is not intended as a picture gallery, it’s intended for relaying bird news only. Nowadays, more and more birders are submitting photos, these often frequently need extra work done on them in order to get them into web page condition. Whilst we are quite happy to publish pictures that accompany a bird report we do reserve the right to publish or not. For the webpage, please submit images that are about 1500 pixels wide. This can be achieved by either cropping the original or resizing it. Then save as a jpeg, file size should then be less that 2MB. Also please only submit one or two images of a bird, unless there are specific interesting features or behaviour shown in additional images. 

(Update, 9/11/2018 -There seems to be an increasing trend to submit photographs from backs of cameras and while we encourage this for newly found rarities, it is totally unnecessary for common or long staying birds. Please, if possible, wait until you can download the original pictures onto your computer and then submit these, the quality is far better and aesthetically more pleasing. Many thanks for your cooperation.)

Note that Pictures for the annual report, “Birds in Cornwall” need to be larger than for websites, hence our specification of 1500 pixels wide. This obviously does not necessarily mean that the picture will be included in BiC but it will save us the need to come back to you for a higher resolution image at the time the report is being prepared for publication.

Please send reports and photographs to

The Small Print: All photographs published on this website are copyright of the original photographer and are reproduced with their kind permission except where explicitly stated otherwise.You must NOT download and re-use/re-publish/re-distribute any material from this website (including publication on another website) without the prior consent of the Board and/or the person who provided the information or photograph appearing on the website.

To photographers and persons providing information to CBWPS for this website. By providing any photographs, sightings or information of any manner to the CBWPS it is accepted by you that the CBWPS may use the same on its website, within its publications, including social media, and general merchandise such as, for example Reports and DVDs, in a charitable manner to raise funds to benefit the Society.

If you have any objections to this you must notify the Webmaster or a member of the Board when providing the same. We will not be liable for any consequential, indirect or special loss or damage howsoever caused as a result of misuse of information or images on this website; nor will we be liable for any loss of potential profit, income or contractual loss.

Thankyou, Cornwall Birds (CBWPS) News Team