Submitting Records

NB. This page is a work in progress!

The CBWPS is moving to use the BTO Birdtrack system for recording birds in the county. The advantage of this database is that it allows individuals to enter their own records into the database, plus spreadsheet data (such as excel) can easily be downloaded directly into the system. To make the work of maintaining the database as simple as possible it would be helpful if all records could be submitted in the same format.

Columns should include:

Grid Reference, Site Name, Date, Species, Count, Atlas Breeding Code, Comment, Sensitive, Observer, Age, Sex

Columns in red are essential, while the others would also be helpful, hopefully all of the above categories are self explanatory. If you want more information on any of the  columns, or to receive a blank spreadsheet file,  email the recorder

If you wish you send records by post, please send to the County Recorder: Dave Parker  2 Boslevan, Green Lane, Marazion TR17 0HQ. e-mail:

Please ensure that your name and address, together with the year to which the records apply, are clearly shown on the front page.

All records are of use.  Whilst not every report is included in our annual “Birds in Cornwall”, they are all entered in the database, where they are available for research.  They may be used in the compilation of the Cornwall Bird Atlas. a long-term project for which data is required over a period of a number of years.

Records in the following categories are especially useful:

First and last dates for migrants

Scarce and rare species (see below)

Counts of migrants (e.g. finches, wildfowl, gulls, thrushes, waders, seabirds, etc)

Breeding records with grid references for all species.

Winter records (Nov to Feb) including a grid ref of flocks of all species.

Roost records (all year) including grid ref for all species.

CBWPS A and B species

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